Document ReferencePw 1/676
TitleNewsletter concerning political affairs; n.d. [1679]
Extent1 f
Content DescriptionDiscusses the Scotch affairs but explains that there is no certain news; he must expect to continue in this uncertainty for some time; encloses some articles exhibited by the Scotch lords against D.L. [not present]; his friend will be unable to send him anymore intelligence from here as he is leaving for the country; is said that the Speaker has been made a Baron for the Exchequer; discusses [Richard] Langhorne and the likelihood of his confessing the [Popish] plot; says that 4 or 5 priests 'suffered very resolutely yesterday'; informs him that Sir Anthony Dean and Mr Pepys have been released from the Tower and imprisoned in the Marshalsea; is rumoured that Sir George Wakeman will be tried next week; there has been difficulty in recruiting soldiers for the Regiments of Monmouth.

Document is dated using internal evidence.
Termcrimes, conspiracies
Catholics, attitudes to
politics, rumours
crimes, threat of assassination
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