Document ReferencePl C 52/118
TitleLetter in French from Count Joseph de Montaignac, 2 Thayer Street, London; May 1801
DateMay 1801
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionRefers to losses incurred in Santa Domingo by M le Chevalier de Montagnac as a result of his devotion to the British Government and his memorandum requesting compensation; states that this memorandum, sent to the Committee in charge of the island's affairs has remained with M Martin, the Committee Secretary and that as M le Chevalier de Montagnac has had to leave for Jamaica he has authorised the writer to resolve this matter on his behalf.

Notes further authorised by M Marc Noel Montagnac and M le Chevalier de Labas to claim compensation on their behalf.

States that in spite of his many appeals, M Martin has put him off more than 50 times and nothing has been concluded.

Refers to his own interest in the matter since the three gentlemen for whom is acting are close relatives and, knowing his situation, are giving him half of what they get back from the government; refers to hardship he is suffering as consequence of M Martin's delay in settling the matter and requests Portland's assistance.

Date given is date letter was received.
Termfinancial affairs, applications for compensation
colonies, St Domingue

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA41445Montagnac; - (fl 1801); Chevalier of Montagnacfl 1801
NA41446Martin; - (fl 1801); Monsieur; secretary of the St Domingue committeefl 1801
NA41447Montagnac; Marc N. (fl 1801); Monsieurfl 1801
NA41448Labas; - (fl 1801); Chevalier of Labasfl 1801
NA41449Montaignac; Joseph (fl 1801); Count of Montaignacfl 1801
PL36990/St Domingue
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