Document ReferencePl C 1/763
TitleLetter from John Cossen, Wimpole, to Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford, Dover Street, London; 14 Sep. 1735
Date14 September 1735
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionWrites that 'all the fat Wether sheep that was known to be bad' have been sold; adds that 100 sheep are fattening up including 40 which grazed in the Park and 60 which were in the Whaddon Avenue until Mr Streke was asked to move them; will kill one of them tomorrow to see how it is.

Adds that 60 ewes from Norman's farm are also thought to be good although one which had stayed there and which was killed was thought by some to be 'touchd'; writes that Joseph Norman has 600 sheep at Arrington and will try to sell some at Braintree Market in Essex; adds that if they cannot be sold he will 'lay em in the Salt Marshes, said to be the only cure if the Taint be not far gone'.

Will give Mr Cole some money for the gardeners' pay; has heard nothing from Mr Cotton of Caxton who was interested in the farm which used to be John Norman's; refers to the earl's thoughts on keeping 'the plowd Grounds and Sowden hills in hand' if a tenant for the whole lot cannot be found.

Suspects a conspiracy among some of the tenants to demand reductions in their rents; will be spending almost all the spare cash in the next few days on taxes and other outgoings; will send William Pluckrose along with the lease for his tenement which has been drawn up by Mr York.
Termlivestock, sheep, mad
estate business, Wimpole

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA39138Streke; - (fl 1727-1735); Mr; dog-keeper and gamekeeper at Wimpolefl 1727-1735
NA39041Norman; Joseph (fl 1723-1736); Mr; tenant of 2nd Earl of Oxford at Arrington Cambridgeshirefl 1723-1736
NA39021Cole; - (fl 1723-1735); Mr; gardener at Wimpolefl 1723-1735
NA39342Cotton; - (fl 1735); Mr; of Caxton Cambridgeshirefl 1735
NA39047Pluckrose; William (fl 1724-1735); Mr; servant at Wimpole working with horsesfl 1724-1735
NA39144York; - (fl 1727-1736); Mr; attorney for 2nd Earl of Oxford; of Cambridgefl 1727-1736
NA38705Cossen; John (fl 1713-1738); Mr; wood agent later chief agent of 2nd Earl of Oxford at Wimpolefl 1713-1738
NA1047Harley; Edward (1689-1741); 2nd Earl of Oxford and Mortimer; styled Lord Harley 1711-17241689-1741
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