Document ReferencePl F5/1/5
TitleSettlement made previous to the marriage of the 3rd Duke of Portland with Lady Dorothy Cavendish; 5-6 Nov. 1766
Date5 November 1766-6 November 1766
Extent(7+7) + 43 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: William Henry Cavendish, Duke and Earl of Portland, Marquess of Titchfield, Viscount Woodstock and Baron of Cirencester, PC, Lord Chamberlain of HM Household.

Second Party: Lord George Augustus Cavendish; Lord Frederick Cavendish; and Lord John Cavendish (uncles and guardians of Lady Dorothy Cavendish).

Third Party: William, Duke of Devonshire (brother of Lady Dorothy); William, Earl of Bessborough, PC; Thomas, Viscount Weymouth, PC; and Lord Edward Charles Cavendish Bentinck.

Fourth Party: Horatio, Lord Walpole; George Harry, Lord Grey (son of Harry, Earl of Stamford); Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy of Lincoln's Inn Fields, Middlesex, Baronet; and Hon. John Bentinck, Esq., Captain, RN.

Fifth Party: Hon. Robert Harley of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq.; and John Heaton of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gentleman.

Lease (and duplicate lease) and release by (1) to (5) of the Honor of Penrith alias Perith, and the demesne lands and ancient rents specified there (members of the said Honor), and lands, tenements and rents in the Ward of Penrith and in Great Salkeld, Langwaithbie, Gamelsbie, Scotby and Castle Sowerby, Forest of Inglewood and in the Ward of Gatescale and Forest of Inglewood, and the Park of Plumpton and Plumpton Head, the rents of the free tenants of the said Forest, and various rights and jurisdictions, all Cumberland and late part of the inheritance of Richard, Duke of Gloucester; the Manor of Bulstrode alias Temple Bulstrode and that of Fulmer, the capital messuage of Bulstrode House and appurtenances, the park of Bulstrode and all lands, messuages, farms, woods, rents, tithes, etc. of (1) in the towns and parishes of Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Gyles, Hedgerley, Fulmer, Langley, Upton, East Burnham, Amersham and Iver alias Ever, all Buckinghamshire; Soho Fields (ancient names given) now laid out as King's Square alias Soho Square, Greek Street, Church Street, Moore Street, Compton Street, Frith Street, Charles Street, Sutton Street, Queen Street, Dean Street, Falconberg Court, King Street (north side), Crown Street alias Hog Lane (west side), Acton Road alias Oxford Street (south side), Bow Street, Crown Court, Great Chappell Street, Little Chappell Street, Saint Ann's Court, Milke Alley, Wardour Street, Rose Street, Barwicke Street, Tweed Street and Marlborough Court, in the parishes of St Martins-in-the-Fields, St Giles-in-the-Fields, St Ann and St James, Middlesex; the Manor of Botley, and those of Fairthorne alias Hull and Butlands, of Swanwick, of Hook Valence and Hook Mortimer, Brownwych alias Brunage, Longstock with Dunwood and all lands, messuages, farms, woods, rents, tithes, etc. of (1) in the towns and parishes of Botley, Fareham, Droxford, Kingsworthy, Whipstrode, Longstocke, Rowner, Bishops Waltham and Titchfield; and the advowson of Botley and Whipstrode St James; and lands in the Forest of Bear alias East Bear, all Hampshire; lands at Weary Holme in the parish of St Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland, one third of the tithes on 161a. of land formerly part of Tughall Moor, Northumberland, and lands and woods in the parishes of Fulmore alias Fulmer and Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire, all being premises acquired by (1) and not previously forming part of his settled estate;

Subject to an annual rentcharge of £1600 secured to the Duchess Dowager and the provision for raising £20000 in portions, both under the within recited marriage settlement (1734) of the 2nd Duke of Portland (Pl F2/4/4);

To (2), for a term of 200 years, to secure an annual rentcharge of £600 to Dorothy, for her separate use, during the joint lives of her, the 3rd Duke of Portland and the Duchess Dowager, increasing to £800 after the death (or remarriage) of the Dowager, and to £2600 if Dorothy and the Dowager survive the 3rd Duke, and to £3000 if Dorothy survive both the Dowager and the 3rd Duke; and to (3) for a term of 600 years to secure portions of £20000 for a single younger child of the marriage and a total of £30000 for two or more younger children, with usual provisions covering maintenance and death during minority; and to (4) for a term of 1200 years to secure portions of £20000 or £30000 as above, should there be daughters, but no son surviving to adulthood, with the usual provisions covering maintenance and death during minority or before marriage;

Subject thereto, to (1) for life and to the male issue of the marriage, successively and their male issue, thence to the male issue of (1) by any subsequent wife, and their male issue, thence to Lord Edward Bentinck (brother of the 3rd Duke) for life and to his male issue successively, etc., with ultimate remainder to the heirs of (1);

Power to (1) to make provision of up to £1000 p.a. for a second wife and £10000 in portions for any issue by such; power to Lord Edward if he become tenant for life to make provision of up to £2000 p.a. for his wife and £20000 in portions for any issue; leasing powers for 3 lives in the Hampshire estate and 99 years in the Soho estate as specified;

Power to (1), should he survive the Dowager or otherwise come into possession of the maternal estates governed by the Countess of Oxford's will or a part thereof, to charge those estates with the portions and jointures above on the same trusts as above, and discharge the paternal estates from them and revoke the trusts.

Covenant of (1) with (2) to discharge the Cavendish (Devonshire) estates from a sum of £6000 due under the marriage settlement of Lady Dorothy's parents as recited.

Recites family settlements, wills and decrees of the Court of Chancery.

Certification of registration at the Middlesex Deeds Registry, 17 Feb. 1767: B2 Nos. 71 and 72.

Consideration: £30000, the portion of Lady Dorothy, £10000 of which is to be paid to Abdy and Heaton to enable them to redeem the mortgage of Strutt upon the Soho estate (Pl F5/2/1-5).
Termadvowsons, Botley
advowsons, Whipstrode St James
tithes, Buckinghamshire
tithes, Hampshire
tithes, Tughall Moor
Related MaterialPl F7/3/1

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA1080Bentinck; Dorothy (1750-1794); Duchess of Portland; née Cavendish; dau. of 4th Duke of Devonshire; m 3rd Duke of Portland 17661750-1794
NA32429Cavendish; George A. (-1794); Lord; 2nd son of 3rd Duke of Devonshire-1794
NA33253Cavendish; W. Frederick (1729-1803); Lord; son of 3rd Duke of Devonshire; Field Marshal1729-1803
NA11894Cavendish; William (1748-1811); 5th Duke of Devonshire; succ. 1764; styled Marquess of Hartington until 17641748-1811
NA11808Cavendish; John (1732-1796); Lord; son of 3rd Duke of Devonshire; Portland trustee; M.P.1732-1796
NA905Bentinck; William H.C. Cavendish- (1738-1809); 3rd Duke of Portland; succ. 17621738-1809
NA37700Heaton; John (-1818); of Burlington Street, London; agent to Duke of Portland-1818
NA11999Ponsonby; William (1704-1793); 2nd Earl of Bessborough; also 2nd Baron Ponsonby; M.P. Derby Saltash Harwich and P.C.1704-1793
NA11469Thynne; Thomas (1734-1796); 1st Marquess of Bath; also 3rd Viscount Weymouth1734-1796
NA1095Bentinck; Edward C. Cavendish (1744-1819); Lord; 2nd son of 2nd Duke of Portland1744-1819
NA19649Walpole; Horatio (1723-1809); 1st Earl of Orford; 1st Earl of 3rd creation; created Earl of Orford 1806; M.P for King's Lynn 1747-17571723-1809
NA22070Grey; George H. (1737-1819); 5th Earl of Stamford; succ. 1768; cr. Baron Delamere and Earl of Warrington 17961737-1819
NA18798Harley; Robert (c.1706-1774); Mr; brother of 3rd Earl of Oxford; fought Leominster election against Capel Hanburyc.1706-1774
NA37700Heaton; John (-1818); of Burlington Street, London; agent to Duke of Portland-1818
NA68969Strutt; Isaac (fl 1759-1767); Mrfl 1759-1767
NA1079Bentinck; Margaret Cavendish (1715-1785); Duchess of Portland; née Cavendish-Harley; dau. of 2nd Earl of Oxford; m 2nd Duke of Portland 17341715-1785
NA32083Abdy; Anthony T. (c.1720-1775); 5th Baronet; M.P. for Knaresborough 1763-1775; legal agent for the Cavendishesc.1720-1775
NA98Bentinck; John A. (1737-1775); Count Bentinck; captain; grandson of 1st Earl of Portland; son of William 1st Count Bentinck1737-1775
PL38092/Chalfont St Giles/Buckinghamshire/England
PL37255/Chalfont St Peter/Buckinghamshire/England
PL80025/East Burnham/Buckinghamshire/England
PL78799/Castle Sowerby/Cumberland/England
PL78833/Great Salkeld/Cumberland/England
PL82660/Whipstrode St James/Fareham/Hampshire/England
PL82655/Bishops Waltham/Hampshire/England
PL78954/Brownwich alias Brunage/Hampshire/England
PL78956/Hook Mortimer/Hampshire/England
PL78957/Hook Valence/Hampshire/England
PL80244/Kings Worthy/Hampshire/England
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