Document ReferencePl F3/3/60
TitleMortgage of estates in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to Lord Digby; 31 July-1 Aug. 1767. Endorsed transfers of the mortgage etc.; 20 May 1768-27 Apr. 1784
Date31 July 1767-1 August 1767
20 May 1768
13 April 1778-14 April 1778
26 April 1784-27 April 1784
Extent14 + 24 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Robert Harley of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq.; and James West of Lincoln's Inn Fields, Middlesex, Esq.

Second Party: Margaret Cavendish, Duchess Dowager of Portland.

Third Party: William Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland.

Fourth Party: Henry, Lord Digby.

Lease and release by (1) and (2) to (4) of: the Manors of Mansfield, Clipstone and Edwinstow, and the mansion house and park of Welbeck, and all other estates, granges and warrens in Nottinghamshire specified in the first annexed schedule; and the Manors of Chesterfield, Brampton, Newbold, Woodthorpe, Clown, Barlow and Bolsover, and all other estates in Derbyshire specified in the second annexed schedule. By way of mortgage to secure £23333 6s 8d and interest, subject to the assignments and mortgages of 1 Nov. 1738 to the Duke of Argyll and Greenwich, to secure £50600 (Pl F3/3/43-45).

Recites the 1734 marriage settlement of (2) and the 2nd Duke of Portland (Pl F2/4/4), the will of Henrietta, Countess of Oxford and Mortimer (Pl F3/7/6), the 1763 marriage settlement of Henrietta, Countess of Stamford, and subsequent deeds relating to the payment of £23333 6s 8d to her for her marriage portion and the assignment of the charge to be raised on the 'maternal' estates for that amount to (3), who had paid the money out of his own personal estate,

Consideration: £23333 6s 8d by (4) to (3) to discharge the amount owed to (3) by (1) as trustees of the 'maternal' estates.

Schedules of the rentals of the Nottinghamshire (i) and Derbyshire (ii) estates conveyed to Lord Digby by way of mortgage.

Endorsed on release, 20 May 1768:

Deed poll declaration and deed of further charge by (1), (2), (3) and (4) and by Stephen, Earl of Ilchester that the sum of £23333 6s 8d was the property of Ilchester, who had agreed to lend the sum of £31000 to repay the representatives of John, Duke of Argyll and Greenwich; reciting deeds of assignment and release of even date by the Duke of Argyll's representatives; and charging the £31000 and £23333 6s 8d as a single mortgage of £54333 6s 8d on the premises. [See Pl F3/3/43].

Endorsed, lease on lease and release on release, 13-14 Apr. 1778:

Deed poll lease and release of the premises by William Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland, Henry, Lord Digby, and Henry Thomas, Earl of Ilchester and Baron Stavordale (eldest son and heir at law, devisee, residuary legatee and sole executor of Stephen, Earl of Ilchester, deceased), being a transfer of the mortgage for £23333 6s 8d to Keene Stables of Margaret Street, Westminster, Esq.

Endorsed, lease on lease and release on release, 26-27 Apr. 1784:

First Party: Keene Stables of the parish of St Margaret Westminster, Middlesex, Esq.

Second Party: Rt Hon. Richard Rigby of Mistley Hall, Essex, Esq.

Lease and release by (1) to (2) of the premises being a transfer of the mortgage for £23333 6s 8d to (2) for a nominal consideration; recites that the money advanced in 1778 in the name of (1) was the property of (2).
Conditionunfit for production

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA32403Grey; Henrietta Cavendish (1737-1827); Countess of Stamford; née Bentinck dau. of 2nd Duke of Portland; m 1763 5th Earl of Stamford1737-1827
NA69440Strangways; Henry T. Fox- (1747-1802); 2nd Earl of Ilchester1747-1802
NA69441Stables; Keene (fl 1778-1790); Mr; of Westminsterfl 1778-1790
NA11302Rigby; Richard (1722-1788); Mr; politician1722-1788
NA41872Digby; Henry (1731-1793); 1st Earl Digby; 7th Baron Digby 1757-17901731-1793
NA19116Strangways; Stephen Fox- (1704-1776); 1st Earl of Ilchester1704-1776
NA18670Campbell; John (1680-1743); 2nd Duke of Argyll; also Earl of Greenwich and Baron Chatham1680-1743
NA35967Townshend; Caroline (1717-1794); Baroness Greenwich; dau. 2nd Duke of Argyll; m 1742 Earl of Dalkeith; m 2nd 1755 Charles Townshend; cr. suo jure 17671717-1794
NA69433Warburton; Hugh (1695-1771); Lieutenant-General; devisee in trust and brother-in-law of John Duke of Argyll and Greenwich1695-1771
NA69434Earle; James Rawlinson (fl 1738-1768); Mr; devisee in trust of John Duke of Argyll and Greenwichfl 1738-1768
NA12220West; James (1703-1772); Mr; Joint-Secretary of the Exchequer 1741-1762; M.P. St Albans 1741-1762 Boroughbridge 1768-17721703-1772
NA18798Harley; Robert (c.1706-1774); Mr; brother of 3rd Earl of Oxford; fought Leominster election against Capel Hanburyc.1706-1774
NA1079Bentinck; Margaret Cavendish (1715-1785); Duchess of Portland; née Cavendish-Harley; dau. of 2nd Earl of Oxford; m 2nd Duke of Portland 17341715-1785
NA905Bentinck; William H.C. Cavendish- (1738-1809); 3rd Duke of Portland; succ. 17621738-1809
PL82199/Rushup Edge/Derbyshire/England
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