Document ReferencePPM/6/18
TitleFile labelled 'Bio-magnetic effects'; March 1992
DateMarch 1992
Extent1 file
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Content DescriptionPapers relating to a grant proposal to study the effects of high magnetic fields on E. Coli and human lymphocytes. Includes draft proposal; letter dated 18 March 1992 from G. Blunt, British Technology Group, to Peter Mansfield, thanking him for his proposal; letter dated 26 March 1992 from A.M. Potter, Deputy Director, Centre for Human Genetics, University of Sheffield [where the tests were likely to take place] discussing the proposal; R.G. Lloyd, Conjugational Recombination in Resolvase-Deficient ruvC Mutants of Escherichia coli K-12 Depends on recG, Journal of Bacteriology, pp. 5414-5418 (September 1991); K. McLauchlan, Are environmental magnetic fields dangerous?, Physics World, pp. 41-45 (January 1992), and response on Letters page of Physics World, February 1992.
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