Document ReferencePPM/15/19/1-23
Title35 mm slides from a single hanging slide storage sheet labelled 'Gut Motility 1994 (1-24)'; 1994
Extent23 slides
Access ConditionsAccess is restricted under current Data Protection legislation. Also, access to the original slides is restricted for preservation reasons; readers are expected to use surrogate digital images. Please see our Access Policy or contact us for further advice.
Content DescriptionSlides include MRI images labelled with terms such as 'EPI Multi-slice: Gastric Region' and 'Antro-duodenal Tag Sequence Water'; text and diagrams relating to the Tagging (SPAMM) Method; and a text slide 'B. Issa, A. Freeman, J. Wright, P. Gowland, P. Boulby, R. Bowtell, R. Spiller and P. Mansfield: Gastric Motility by Tagged EPI'.
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