Document ReferencePPM/15/172/1-118
Title35 mm slides from a single unlabelled slide storage box; n.d. [1970s-1990s]
Extent118 slides
Access ConditionsAccess is restricted under current Data Protection legislation. Also, access to the original slides is restricted for preservation reasons; readers are expected to use surrogate digital images. Please see our Access Policy or contact us for further advice.
Content DescriptionSlides include image of echo decay for glycerol; pulse sequences and formulae relating to 5 spin temperature modulation; graphs of S vs t for samples containing different numbers of layers; diagrams of NMR signals relating to various elements and compounds including Cd111, 19F, acetone, methyl acetate, Xe129 and 27Al; graphs showing Bloch decay and solid echoes; graph of water content of various human tissues; diagrams of magnet structures; photograph of Peter Mansfield lying partly inside a mock up of an MRI scanner; photographs of banks of electronic equipment; circuit diagrams; diagrams of pulse sequences; text and formulae relating to the principles of nuclear magnetic resonance; photograph of a seated buddha; photograph of two men in eighteenth century dress demonstrating some scientific equipment, labelled 'Professor Andrade delivering the Hauksbee lecture (Mr Banfield acting as assistant)'; cartoon relating to 'X-mas' X-rays; photograph of an elephant lying on its side in front of a group of men in nineteenth century dress; and photograph of an illustration showing a man in nineteenth century dress operating an astronomical instrument, labelled 'artificial horizon'.
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