Document ReferencePPM/15/102/1-19
Title35 mm slides from a single unlabelled hanging slide storage sheet; n.d. [1970s-1990s]
Extent19 slides
Access ConditionsAccess is restricted under current Data Protection legislation. Also, access to the original slides is restricted for preservation reasons; readers are expected to use surrogate digital images. Please see our Access Policy or contact us for further advice.
Content DescriptionSlides include diagram of inversion recovery Echo Planar Imaging pulse sequence; MRI images of the abdomen and foetus; list of members of the Nottingham Imaging Group 1993 and the Imaging Team 1988; photograph of an optical illusion image (which can be seen either as a skull or as two seated children); photographs relating to the history of X-rays (some featuring Rontgen, some with text in German, and some cartoons); text slides including 'Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Honorary Lecture, Ultra High Speed Echo-Planar Imaging (EPI): Clinical Applications at 0.5 T and Recent Developments at 3.0 T by P. Mansfield' and 'Echo-Planar Imaging: an ultra-fast MR technique for dynamic studies of Gd uptake in brain tumours'; diagram of a patient lying horizontally within magnet coils; and photograph of Ian Pykett standing next to a large red magnet.
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