Document ReferenceNe 6 D 1/3/1/65
TitleCopy settlement concerning estates in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Middlesex; 17 Nov. 1741.
Date17 November 1741
Extent20 ff
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Thomas [Pelham-]Holles, [1st] Duke of Newcastle [under Lyne] and Henrietta [Pelham-Holles] Duchess of Newcastle.

Second Party: Henry Pelham, esquire.

Third Party: James Pelham, esquire of Crowhurst, Sussex and Andrew Stone, esquire of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.

Fourth Party: Francis [2nd] Earl Godolphin of Baylys, Buckinghamshire and William Guidott of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex.

Fifth Party: Francis Godolphin of Baylys, Buckinghamshire and Peter Walter of Westminster, Middlesex.

Sixth Party: John Lord Monson of Greys Inn, Middlesex, Charles Monson and Hutton Perkins of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex.

(1) and (2) declare that the new trusts included in this deed are to replace those affected by the Common Recoveries mentioned in the indenture recited at (a) below; recoveries apply to the following property in Nottinghamshire: (i) estates and manor at Martin [details of tenancy and rent provided]; (ii) estates and manor at East Markham [details of tenancy and rent provided]; (iii) estates at Walkeringham [details of tenancy and rent provided]; (iv) estates, ferrys, tolls, royalties, fishings and moors at Misterton and Stockwith [details of tenancy and rent provided]; (v) estate and manor at Walesby [details of tenancy and rent provided]; (vi) estate and manor at Flawborough [details of tenancy and rent provided]; these estates to be conveyed to (6) to make them tenant of the freehold; property to the use of (1) for life and after his death to the use of (2).

Also of the manors of Bevercoates [Bevercotes], Bothamsall, Clumber, Little [West] Drayton, Elkesley, Gamston, Haughton, Haughton Lound, Little [West] Markham, Mansfield, Cromwell, Knisall [Kneesall], Malebeck [Maplebeck], Basford; also Haughton and Clumber parks; lands at Carburton in Clumber Park, Hardwick Park or New Park; Foxley Grange; parsonages at Bothamsall, Elkesley, West Markham, Cromwell and Maplebeck; advowson and right of patronage of church at Cromwell, advowson of vicarage at Maplebeck; Nottingham Castle, liberties and grounds; Nottingham Park; Thurland House; all other messuages, rents, territories and hereditaments at Askham, Bevercotes, Bothamsall, Babworth, Clumber, Carburton, Carlton, East Drayton, West Drayton, Egmanton, Elkesley, Foxley, Gamston, Lowdham, Laneham, Little [West] Markham, Milnton Carr, Morton, Little Morton, Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Misterton, Mormanton, Tuxford, Westwood, Westerfield, Wiseton, Wheatley, Willoughby, Worksop, Bathley, Besthorpe, Cromwell, South Collingham, Kneesall, Kirshall [Kersall], Muskham, North Muskham, Staunton, Shelton, Orston, Kilvington, Dallington, Calverton, Maplebeck, Brinsley, Gresley, Sutton Bonnington, Basford, Radford, Lenton, Hucknall under Huthwaite, Bridgeford, Darwent and elsewhere in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire conveyed to (6) as tenants of the freehold; property is to the use of (6) for the term of 600 years; at the end of the term to the use of (1) and after his death to the use of (3) during the life of (1) to preserve the contingent uses.

Estates in Middlesex limited to the use of (1) for 600 years; estates comprise Newcastle House [previously known as Carlise House and Powis House] in Lincolns Inn Fields together with all outbuildings and appurtenances [boundaries of property provided], in the parish of St Giles in the Field; Clare Market together with all houses, shops, stalls, tolls and appurtenances, in the parishes of St Clement Danes and St Giles in the Field; also of property and rents in the parishes of St Clement Danes and St Giles in the Field on the following streets: Gilbert Street, Sheffield Street, Vere Street, Clare Street, Stanhope Street, Holles Street, Haughton Street, Blackmore Street, Drury Lane, Newcastle Court, Butcher Row, Clements Lane, Bear Yard, Playhouse Alley, Cuckolds Row, White Horse Yard and Clare House Court; a close called Cantelow Close in the parish of St Pancras; property is to be conveyed to (6) as tenants of the freehold, and to the use of (5) for the term of 99 years, and after the expiration of the term to the use of (1) for life, and after his death to the use of (3) for the life of (1) in trust to preserve the contingent remainders; includes further specified uses of the property, and that the annuity of £3000 limited to Henrietta, Duchess of Newcastle, is limited to her in barr of all dower.

Also of the manor of Aldborough, Yorkshire with all appurtenances; the tolls due at the north end of Burrowbridge [Boroughbridge], Yorkshire; property and rents of burgage lands in Aldborough and Boroughbridge, with details of the settlement of the land; also of further property in Aldborough and Burrowbridge, previously of the estate of Sir Myles Stapleton, which was vested in (6) to the use of (1); property is conveyed to (6) as tenants of the freehold, and to the use of (1) for life; and afterwards to the use of (3) during the life of (1) in trust to preserve the contingent remainders.

All the property in Middlesex and Yorkshire is to the use of (5) for the term of 1000 years on trust to the use of (1) in tail.

Property held on trust by (5) for the term of 99 years is subject to an annuity of £800 free from all charges, and payable to Henrietta, Duchess of Newcastle; includes associated provisos relating to the payment of the annuity.

Recitals: (a) details of an indenture dated 17 Nov. 1741; (b) extinguishment of marriage settlement in favour of trusts to better secure various charges.

Endorsed as being a true copy of the original, examined 8 Mar. 1783.
Termestate business, Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, Flawborough (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, West Stockwith (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, East Markham (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, Misterton (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, Martin Estate (Nottinghamshire)
rights and privileges, fishing rights
manors, Flawborough (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Haughton Lound (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Haughton (Nottinghamshire)
manors, West Markham (Nottinghamshire)
manors, West Drayton (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Basford (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Maplebeck (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Elkesley (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Bothamsall (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Cromwell (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Gamston (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Bevercotes (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Clumber (Nottinghamshire)
manors, East Markham (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Walesby (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Martin (Nottinghamshire)
legal business, settlements
roads, tolls
markets, tolls

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA11741Holles; Henrietta Pelham- (-1776); Duchess of Newcastle under Lyne; née Godolphin; m 1st Duke of Newcastle 1717-1776
NA487Holles; Thomas Pelham- (1693-1768); 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; also 4th Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne; cr. 17561693-1768
NA967Pelham; Henry (1696-1754); Mr; Prime Minister 1743-1754 brother of T. Pelham-Holles 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne1696-1754
NA39174Pelham; James (c.1683-1761); Mr; MP for Newark and Secretary to the Prince of Wales; of Crowhurst Kentc.1683-1761
NA24697Stone; Andrew (fl 1752); Mr; of St Martin in the Fields London: mortgagee to 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne and Henry Pelhamfl 1752
NA12252Godolphin; Francis (1678-1766); 2nd Earl of Godolphin1678-1766
NA19645Godolphin; Francis (c.1707-1785); 2nd Baron Godolphin; M.P for Helston 1741-66c.1707-1785
NA44383Perkins; Hutton (fl 1741-1756); Mr; 'esquire'; of Lincoln's Inn, Londonfl 1741-1756
NA18728Monson; John (c.1693-1748); 1st Baron Monson; succ his uncle as 5th Baronet Monson 1727; cr. Baron 1728; First Commissioner of Trade 1737-1748; m. youngest Dau. of 1st Earl of Rockinghamc.1693-1748
NA44382Monson; Charles (c.1696-1764); Mr; M.P. Lincoln 1734-1754; Deputy Paymaster of the Forces 1737-1745c.1696-1764
PL16368/West Drayton/Nottinghamshire/England
PL99391Clumber Park/Nottinghamshire/England
PL19820/Haughton Lound/Nottinghamshire/England
PL21920/Collingham South/Nottinghamshire/England
PL30550/Hucknall under Huthwaite/Nottinghamshire/England
PL17243/Little Morton/Nottinghamshire/England
PL16492/Carlton in Lindrick/Nottinghamshire/England
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