Document ReferenceNe 5 G 8/1-9
TitleUnbound document entitled 'Addenda to the Clinton Memoirs'; n.d. [c.1820]
Date1820 (c)
Extent200 pp [plus some unnumbered] [in 9 quires]
Content DescriptionThe first quire [which has unnumbered pages] provides an index of the articles contained in the rest of the document; these short pieces are on the following subjects: the Gorges family [pp 1-6]; Lincoln House at Chelsea [which is accompanied by printed and illustrated pages taken from a bound volume] [pp 7-11]; 'abstracts of the Clinton letters preserved among the Hatfield M.S.S.' [pp 13-17]; Hugh de Clinton and Amice de Limesey [pp 19-20]; 'abbeys granted to Edward Lord Clinton first Earl of Lincoln' [pp 21-22]; 'entries in the Register of Bamburgh [Baumber] Co. Lincoln' [pp 23-24]; Leominster [Anglo-Saxon] inscription [found in Vol. 1 of the Memoirs, Ne 5 G 7/1] [pp 25-26]; 'Edward first Earl of Lincoln' [p 27]; 'De Witt Clinton, Governor of New York' [pp 29-30]; and 'Mr Calmet's communication concerning the connection between Tankervilles, Harcourts & Clintons' [pp 31-43].

Page 44 begins with an article on the Deincourt family, and the presumed marriage of Sir William de Clinton to Elizabeth daughter of Sir William Deincourt [to p 45]; this is succeeded by details on: the 'Earl of Huntington's Arbitration concerning the arms of Gorges' [pp 46-47]; 'Thomas Earl of Lincoln' and the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth [pp 48-49]; 'Elizabeth (Fitzwilliam) pretended daughter but probably niece of William Earl of Huntingdon' [pp 50-53]; the 'tomb of William...Lord Clinton at Sandwich' [p 54-58]; the identity of 'Thomas Clinton' [p 59]; Clintons of Ireland [p 60]; Clintons of Shropshire [which includes a printed article on the sale of Clinton estate there] [pp 60-61]; the burial of 'John Seventh Lord Clinton' [Baron Clinton] [pp 62]; 'Elizabeth second wife of John third Lord Clinton' [p 62]; and 'Edward Earl of Lincoln (Office of Carver explained)' [p 62].

On p 63, there are details of the Dighton family, and 'Francis Clinton, alias Fynes Esq., Grandson of Henry Earl of Lincoln'; articles on the following can then be found: 'New Year's gifts to Queen Elizabeth by the Earl and Countess of Lincoln' [p 64]; 'John Clinton Esq.' [pp 64-65]; families of Limesey, Bidun, and Odingsels [pp 65-66, and there is more on Limesey on pp 80-81]; 'Extracts from the Calendars of the Proceedings in the Chancery, Reign of Elizabeth' [pp 66-68]; 'John de Clinton' ['first or second Lord Clynton']; 'Thomas de Clinton...2 son of John 3 Lord', William de Clinton, Osbert de Clinton, John de Clinton of Coleshill, Ida Lady Clinton, and 'John second Lord' [various references on pp 69-77]; 'Elizabeth first wife of Edward, Lord Clinton (First Earl of Lincoln)' [pp 78-79]; and 'Henry Earl of Lincoln' [pp 82-83].

A 'topographical account of Baumber' is available at pp 84-86, and is succeeded by entries on: 'military contracts' [pp 87-89]; 'Presumed Recognitions of the ancient territorial Clinton' [pp 90-98]; 'Addition to the illustration of New Years Gifts' [p 99]; 'Extracts from Dugdale's M.S.S. in the Ashmole Museum' [pp 100-103]; the names 'Glinton' and 'Amington' [p 104-106]; particulars of 'Sir Henry Clinton' [pp 107-120]; 'Byographical account of Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry Clinton' [pp 121-134]; 'Reinbald - Kenilworth - and the Forest of Cannock' [which is accompanied by printed pages taken from a bound volume] [pp 135-156]; 'Arconbi de Glynton' [p 157]; 'Galfridus' and his title of 'camerarius' [pp 158-161]; and 'Captain Fynes son of Sir Henry' [p 162].

The last few articles included are on the following: the 'Family Crest' and the 'Plume of Feathers' [pp 162-163]; 'Aaron the Jew' [p 163]; Amicia de Bidun [wife of 'Henry de Clinton Senior'] [p 163]; 'William de Clinton brother of Henry Sen[io]r of the line of Galfridus' [pp 164-165]; the question of 'Clinton' and 'Glinton' [p 165]; 'Jenkin Clinton' [p 165]; 'Thomas Pelham [Holles] first Duke of Newcastle [under Lyne] [pp 166-171]; 'Family of St. Paul' [p 170]; 'Remarks on Sir William Betham's letter concerning the Irish Clintons' [pp 172-176]; the names Lescelina and Elisant [pp 177-178]; Nottingham Castle [which includes printed and illustrated pages taken from a bound volume] [pp 179-180]; 'The Clinton Players' [pp 181-186]; 'Margaret Countess of Orford' [p 187]; a portrait of 'Lord High Admiral' by Cornelius Ketel [189-191]; and the 'character of Mr Mundy' [father of Duchess of Newcastle under Lyne] [pp 194-200].

Quotations from various sources are included throughout the document, and some are in Latin or French.

The document appears to have been written in several different hands.

The three volumes of the 'Clinton Memoirs' can be found at Ne 5 G 7/1-3; There is evidence in Ne 5 G 5/1-10 [in a written preface to 'Clinton Records Vol. I'], which suggests that the contents of the 'Clinton Records' [Ne 5 G 1/1-3/26] is connected to that of the 'Clinton Memoirs' [Ne 5 G 7/1-3], and that the former preceded the latter; also note the reference in letter Ne 5 G 12/5, to 'Memoirs of the House of Clinton' [Ne 5 G 7/1-3?], which gives a Mr [T.D.] Fosbroke as author.

The document has no written date; the year given is based on the estimated dates of volumes Ne 5 G 1/1-3/26 and Ne 5 G 7/1-3.

For further details on volumes mentioned in this record see individual entries.
Termgenealogy, Gorges family
history, Gorges family
estate business, Lincoln House (Chelsea, London)
history, Harcourt family
history, Tankerville family
genealogy, Clinton family
history, Dighton family
history, Clinton family
gifts, to Queen Elizabeth I
history, Limesey family
history, Bidun family
history, Odingsels family
militia, contracts
rights and privileges, Clinton family
marriage, Clinton family
honours and decorations, Clinton family
history, Clinton family (Ireland)
history, Clinton family (France)

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA960Fosbroke; Thomas D. (1770-1842); Rev.; antiquary; vicar of Walford Herefordshire 1830-18421770-1842
NA26032Dugdale; William (1605-1686); Sir; English antiquary1605-1686
NA12302Clinton; Edward Fiennes (1512-1585); 1st Earl of Lincoln; cr. 1572; styled 9th Baron Clinton 15171512-1585
NA26074Clinton; De Witt (1740-); son of Samuel Clinton; Governor of New York1740-
NA26056Clinton; Thomas (-1619); 3rd Earl of Lincoln; succ. 1616; styled Lord Clinton 1585-1616-1619
NA10913Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland; ( succeeded 1558)1533-1603
NA26046Clinton; William de (c.1304-1354); Earl of Huntington; cr. 1337; younger son of 1st Baron Clinton; also Lord Clinton?c.1304-1354
NA26052Clinton; John (-1514); 7th Baron Clinton; succ. 1488-1514
NA26048Clinton; John de (c.1326-1398); 3rd Baron Clinton; son of John de Clinton 2nd Baron Clinton; succ. after death of uncle William de Clinton Earl of Huntington?c.1326-1398
NA26075Clinton; Francis (-1681); grandson of Henry 2nd Earl of Lincoln-1681
NA26076Clinton; John (fl 1420); nephew of William 4th Baron Clintonfl 1420
NA26045Clinton; John de (c.1258-1310); 1st Baron Clinton; son of 'Thomas the Second'; of Amington and Maxstonec.1258-1310
NA26047Clinton; John de (c.1300-c.1335); 2nd Baron Clinton; succ. 1310; elder son of 1st Baron Clintonc.1300-c.1335
NA26048Clinton; John de (c.1326-1398); 3rd Baron Clinton; son of John de Clinton 2nd Baron Clinton; succ. after death of uncle William de Clinton Earl of Huntington?c.1326-1398
NA26040Clinton; John de (fl 1350); Sir; of Coleshill; son of second Sir John de Clintonfl 1350
NA26066Clinton; Elizabeth (fl 1530); Baroness Clinton; dau. Sir John Blount; m 1stly Gilbert Lord Talboys; m 2ndly 1540 Edward 9th Baron Clinton later 1st Earl of Lincolnfl 1530
NA26055Clinton; Henry (1540-1616); 2nd Earl of Lincoln; succ. 1585; styled Lord Clinton 1572-15851540-1616
NA26077Clinton; Henry (fl 1767); Sirfl 1767
NA26033Clinton; Geoffrey de (fl 1120); 'Geoffrey the First'; Chamberlain and Treasurer to Henry I; Lord of Kenilworth and Coleshillfl 1120
NA26033Clinton; Geoffrey de (fl 1120); 'Geoffrey the First'; Chamberlain and Treasurer to Henry I; Lord of Kenilworth and Coleshillfl 1120
NA26042Clinton; Amicia de (fl 1190); née de Bidun; wife of 'Henry de Clinton Senior'fl 1190
NA26078Clinton; William (fl c.1200); son of 'Geoffrey the Second'fl c.1200
NA487Holles; Thomas Pelham- (1693-1768); 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; also 4th Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne; cr. 17561693-1768
NA13135Betham; William (1779-1853); Sir; Keeper of Parliamentary Records in Ireland1779-1853
NA953Clinton; Georgiana Elizabeth Pelham- (1789-1822); Duchess of Newcastle under Lyne; née Mundy; m 4th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne 18071789-1822
NA13163Mundy; Edward Miller (1750-1822); Mr; M.P. Derbyshire 1784-1822; father of Georgiana Elizabeth wife of 4th Duke of Newcastle1750-1822
NA26079Ketel; Cornelius (1548-1616); -; Flemish painter1548-1616
PL39219/New York/New York/U.S.A.
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