Document ReferenceMi D 892
TitleConfirmation of gift in fee simple from Fulk de Mareis to Nicholas, clerk. Location: Staythorpe, Nottinghamshire
Content DescriptionJohn, Constable of Chester confirms the grant by Fulk de Mareis to Nicholas, John's clerk of Marnham of all his land in Staythorpe (Stiresthorp) which is of John's fee for half a silver mark which Nicholas gave to Fulk in chief for the said land.

Terms: To be held by Nicholas and his heirs of Fulk and his heirs freely, quietly and honourably, in toft and croft, woods, meadows and in all other things which to the said land pertains for 3/- annually to be paid in two equal portions at Michaelmas and on Palm Sunday for all services except foreign service.

Date: Example of handwriting; also Report on the Manuscripts of Lord Middleton, ed. W.H. Stevenson, M.A. (H.M.C., 1911) p 10, n 2 and 3.

Witness: Robert, priest of East Stoke, fl 1175 & William, legate, fl 1175 & Sutton, Silver de, fl 1175 & Geoffrey, miles, fl 1175 (of Sutton) & Escrop, Geoffrey, fl 1175 & William, fl 1175 (son of Gerard) & Clifton, Richard de, fl 1175 & Awic, Richard, fl 1175 & Robert, clerk (of Clifton) & Wadworth, Robert de & Normanton, Roger de, fl 1175 & Skegby, Richer de, fl 1175 & Coddington, Richard de, fl 1175 & Clifton, Nigel de, fl 1175 & Robert, fl 1175 (brother of Nicholas) & Marnham, Walter de, fl 1175 & Pasci, Elias de, fl 1175 & Dutton, Adam de, fl 1175 & Burdun, Roger, fl 1175 & Robert, fl 1175 (son of Roger) & Cytharista, Adam, fl 1175
Termdemesne land
Physical DescriptionCream wax; large, round (fragment in wax); bearing: part of equestrian figure.
Fragment of tag seal in worn condition; endorsed by Sir Francis Willoughby.
Publication NoteReport on the Manuscripts of Lord Middleton, ed. W.H. Stevenson, M.A. (H.M.C., 1911) pp 10-11
Latin transcription

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