Document ReferenceMi D 433
TitleDeed of exchange, Sir William de Chaworth to Henry de Birchewod. Location: Edwalton, Nottinghamshire
Content DescriptionSir William de Chaworth grants Henry de Birchewod three shillings annual rent at Michaelmas from that bovate of land which Hugo de Brigefort holds in the town of Edwalton in exchange for a certain toft which Helen, widow of the said Hugo held with its buildings and easements which pertain to the toft.

Terms: If the rent is not paid in part or whole at the said term, it will be lawful for Henry to distrain for same within and without the town for all goods, mobile or immobile of the said rent.

Date: Example of handwriting

Witness: Barry, John (of Tollerton), fl 1275 & Robert, fl 1275 (son of Hugo of Tollerton) & Barry, Robert, fl 1275 (of Tollerton) & Peyngne, William, fl 1275 (of Ruddington) & Henry, fl 1275 (son of Richard of Ruddington) & Knot, Henry, fl 1275 (of Ruddington) & Oisly, Walter de, fl 1275 & Clifton, Gervase de, fl 1275
Physical DescriptionGreen wax; round; bearing: inscribed:
Tag seal in fair condition; endorsed by John Ray.

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