Document ReferenceMi D 215/1
TitleGift in free alms, Aucherius son of William of Bunny to the hospital of St Anthony at Lenton. Location: Bunny, Nottinghamshire
Content DescriptionGrant in frankalmoin and perpetual alms by Aucherius, son of William son of Frone de Boneye, to God and the hospital of St. Anthony at Lenton, of three roods of meadow in the territory of Bunney lying in a meadow called Longedicdole between a meadow that belonged to William Cholle on the one part and one that belonged to Hugh, son of William on the other with a 'turbaria' (turf-pit) adjoining.

Terms: To be held freely and quietly as a free gift of charity forever.

Date: Example of handwriting

Witness: Stanford, Peter de, dominus, fl 1225 & Leye, Sampson de, fl 1225 & Leye, Robert de, fl 1225 & Rempstone (Rempeston), Robert de, fl 1225 & Bunny (Boneye), Martin, fl 1225 & Thomas, fl 1225 (son of Fabian) & Hayward, Nicholas le, fl 1225 & William, fl 1225 (son of Litholf)
Termecclesiastical establishments
Physical DescriptionCream wax; round; bearing: fleur-de-lys
Tag seal in very worn condition; endorsed by John Ray.
Publication NoteReport on the Manuscripts of Lord Middleton, ed. W.H. Stevenson, M.A. (H.M.C., 1911) p 59
English translation and Latin transcription

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