Document ReferenceMi O 1/1-16
TitleMiscellaneous official papers
Date[13th century-18th century]
Content DescriptionIncludes six lists of persons fined 'co[r]am Ricardo de Grey et sociis suis', [early 14th century], Mi O 1/1;

'Thurgarton Hundred Roll' (17th cent. note) [13th century], Mi O 1/3;

Commission of sewers concerning water courses in Bingham Wapentake, (Bingham and Newark, Nottinghamshire) 18 Richard II (1394-1395); with English poem, a lament for Sir John Berkeley [d 1374 on an expedition to Brittany], written in contemporary hand on dorse (a poem known through only this text), Mi O 1/4:
"Bot hit was on a Wensday froo Wymondam he went,
To þo see sikurly his somers he sent;
He busked in to Breteyn with bacenets bright,
Bi Crist, a semmeli compeny þer went with þat knyght!
þere he warished him ful wele, and wirschip he wan:
þo coning þat þo knyth couthe, count hit I ne can.
He was wise of þo werre, and wist what to wirke,
And knouen was in contree of clerkes are in kirk."

Modern English: "But it was on a Wednesday that he left Wymondham, and boldly sent his packhorses to the coast. He hastened into Brittany with shining helmets; by Christ, a fine company went with that knight! There he guarded himself well and won renown: I can't reckon up the ability that the knight possessed. He was knowledgeable about the war and knew what to do, and was well-known in that country by the clergy in the church."

Names of justices of peace in Nottinghamshire, 1702 (Mi O 1/5);

Rates upon towns in Nottinghamshire according to Act for granting aid towards war with France, 1692, (Mi O) 1/9);

Names of keepers and deputies of Sherwood Forest, undated, (Mi O 1/16)
ConditionIncludes documents which are fragile and unsuitable for production
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