Document ReferenceMi LM 2
TitleCollection of Latin grammatical and philosophical treatises; student texts; early 13th century
DateEarly 13th century
Extent1 volume, 159? ff
Access ConditionsMicrofilm surrogates available - readers may be required to use the microfilms in the first instance.
Content DescriptionWritten in early 13th century hands, the volume appears to have been used by students in the 14th and 15th centuries and includes rough sketches and words scribbled in at various places.

Contains grammatical texts and poems on Latin grammar, as used in the medieval school curriculum.

Contents include:
extracts from the Graecisimus of Everard of B├ęthune (ff 1-28)
poem in 115 lines, De Penitentia, authorship uncertain (ff 29-31)
anonymous grammatical treatise (ff 32-75)
Latin poem by Serlo, treating of Latin synonyms (ff75v-78v)
similar poem (ff 78v-80v), possibly a copy of the Distinctiones by Ralph de Longo Campo
anonymous poem on Latin synonyms, (ff 81-90)
poem on Latin homonyms (ff 91v-103v), author named 'Henry'
collection of apopthegms in verse, identified as the Disticha (ff 105-110v)
anonymous eclogue of 36 lines, from the work of Theodulus (ff 110v-111v)
77 more lines of Theodulus (ff 111v-116v)
the fables of Avienus (ff 116v-128)
the elegies of Maximian (ff 128-139v)
the Achilleis of Statius (ff 140-159)
portion of Claudian, De Raptu Proserpinae, untitled

Parchment, 159? ff. 220 x 150 mm; originally bound in oak boards covered with white leather.
Conserved and rebound in 1990s.
Publication NoteReference: Historical Manuscripts Commission, Report on the Manuscripts of Lord Middleton Preserved at Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire, compiled by W.H. Stevenson (London, 1911), p. 212-220
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