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TitleDraft conveyance from Lord Middleton to The Corporation of Nottingham for the sale of Wollaton Hall and Park and land adjoining the northern boundary of the said Park in the parishes of Wollaton and Nottingham; 15 May 1925
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Michael Guy Percival Willoughby, 11th Baron Middleton (1).

Second Party: Trustees of the 1848 Settlement (2).

Third Party: Estate Mortgagees (3)

Four Party: Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Nottingham (4).

Conveyance from (1), (2) and (3) to (4) of (2) the Capital mansion house known as Wollaton Hall situated in the parish of Wollaton, plus an area of 23 acres and 2 roods of land adjoining. Includes all minerals. Also the surface of Wollaton Park and minerals underlying up to a depth of 60 feet, situated partly in the parish of Wollaton and partly in the City of Nottingham. Described in the Schedule. Includes the strip of land between the walls of the park and the public highway, so far as can be conveyed.

Also several parcel of land situated on the northern side of main road from Nottingham to Ilkeston, opposite the northern boundary of Wollaton Park. Comprised in lease to (4) dated 1 Dec. 1921.

Also the surface and soil up to a depth of 60 feet of a piece of land containing reservoirs in the parish of Wollaton. Includes the exclusive right to take water from the reservoirs and wells.

Includes clauses regarding the laying of water supply pipes, and the right to erect a pump house if the supply of power by Frederick William Brown of Wollaton Saw Mills is discontinued.

Includes the Right to flow water from the fishpond at Harrison's Plantation to the lake at Wollaton Park.

Includes 4 stone statues, 19 lead vases and convex pavement leading from the stables to the gardens and from the gardener's house to the kitchen garden.

List of reservations to (1), including the right to sell or remove furniture and fixtures from Wollaton Hall and outbuildings, the right to keep his documents in the muniment room at Wollaton Hall for a set term

Consideration: £200,000.

First Schedule: Schedule of property conveyed. Total area of land is 802.065 acres.

Second Schedule: Particulars of Documents and facts relating to the Hall Mortgage and the Estate Mortgage and the respective devolutions thereof.

Third Schedule: Particulars of Rights and Privileges hereby granted.

Fourth Schedule: Particulars of Exceptions and Reservations in fee simple to the uses of the Settlement.

Fifth Schedule: Particulars of the two Mining Leases affecting the hereditaments conveyed.

Sixth and Seventh Schedules: Particulars of Tenancy Agreements affecting parts of the property.

Eighth Schedule: Particulars of stipulations to be observed and performed by the purchaser.

Fourth Schedule: Particulars of Documents in the custody of the Vendor.
Termestate business, conveyances, Wollaton Park (Nottinghamshire)

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