Document ReferenceMi 3 E 267/1-24
TitleCorrespondence and legal papers relating to Lord Middleton's liability for certain Church Expenses at St Leonard's Church in the parish of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire; 1885 and 1924-1926
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Content DescriptionMi 3 E 267/1-5: Correspondence concerning the matter, dated 1924-1926.

Mi 3 E 267/6-8: Transcripts from old deeds and documents relating to Wollaton Church and Wollaton Moor, including a Vestry Book, a book of 'Parish Accounts from the Year 1680-1756' which includes the names of tenants of Church Land at Wollaton in the year 1701, and a transcript of the names of tenants of Sir Thomas Wiloughby's lands at Wollaton, Sutton Passeys, Cossall and Trowell as set out in a Deed for Suffering a Recovery dated 10 May 1693.

Mi 3 E 267/9-10: Copy Faculty for additions, aletrations and improvements to the parish church of Wollaton, 19 Aug. 1885. Whereby it was resolved that a chapel would be built on the south side of the chancel and a south aisle to the nave, for the use of Lord Middleton and his family in lieu of the current chapel on the north side of the church, which is to be converted into an organ chamber. Also to remove the organ from it's current position, replace all of the flooring with concrete and wooden blocks, re-seat the whole church with new benches, to remove the stove and replace with a hot air chamber and flue for heating the church. At a cost of £2000 (2 copies).

Mi 3 E 267/11-12: Copy Faculty for providing and furnishing a Memorial Chapel in the parish church of Wollaton and for other purposes, dated 28 Nov. 1924. To provide a Sanctuary and Communion Table, to adapt 3 oak pews, to lay oak block floor, to panel the walls, to place an alabaster tablet on the wall with an inscription, to provide a brass cross and candlesticks, provide a low pressure heating system for the church (2 copies).

Mi 3 E 267/13: Instructions to advise Lord Midlleton as to settlement of Claim for repairs to Wollaton Church, 13 Feb. 1925.

Mi 3 E 267/14-16: Instructions to settle draft documents on behalf of Lord Middleton, 1925-1926.

Mi 3 E 267/17-18: Draft Application to vary the terms of a Faculty granted 19 Aug. 1885 (2 copies).

Mi 3 E 267/19: Draft Order to vary the terms of a Faculty granted 19 Aug. 1885.

Mi 3 E 267/20-22: Draft Declaration of Trust between the Parochial Church Council of Wollaton, Lord Middleton and Southwell Diocesan Finance Association, dated 25 Jan. 1927 [3 versions].

Mi 3 E 267/23-25: Draft Release from the Parochial Church Council of Wollaton, to Lord Middleton, dated 25 Jan. 1927. States that Lord Middleton has given the sum of £1500 for church repairs, and releasing him and future owners of the Wollaton Estate from any liability for payments in connection repairs to Wollaton Church [3 versions].
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