Document ReferenceMi 3 E 25/1-21
TitlePapers relating to coal mining, 1900, 1911, 1925, 1944
Content DescriptionIncludes 15th December, 1900, lease by Lord Middleton to the Wollaton Colliery Company Ltd, for mining purposes of parts of 'The Bottom Hard Coal Seam' and 'The Bottom Soft Coal Seam' in the parish of Wollaton etc.

June, 1911, Lord Middleton and Trustees, Saundby, Bole and Burton estates. Objections to lease from Crown to Trent Navigation Company about right of Lord of Manor to bed of river. Proved in detail from historical documents.

1925, draft heads of proposed lease to Close Brothers Ltd. (5).

1924, heads of terms for mining lease to Close Brothers.

Instructions to counsel. Correspondence.
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