Document ReferenceMS 823/3/1
TitleFolder containing typescript articles by Philip Lyth on a variety of topics, including a series of articles on Young Farmers' Clubs and Swedish Folk High Schools written in the 1940s, together with some correspondence about the articles; 1943-1980
Extent1 folder
Content DescriptionThe folder contains:
- 'The Derbyshire Farm Institute', submitted to The Derbyshire Countryside, Jun. 1948.
- Article for the Southern District Y.F.C. Year Book, 1959.
- 'Some Social Aspects of Country Life in England today', n.d. [c.1946].
- 'The Swedish Folk High Schools', 10 Mar. 1943. (3 versions).
- 'Sweden Re-visited', 20 Oct. 1947.
- 'Rural Domestic Economy Schools in Sweden', 6 Nov. 1947 (2 versions).
- Review of 'Perspectives for Countrymen' by H.E. Poole, n.d. [the book was published in 1942].
- 'Young Farmers Clubs in Sweden', for 'F&S', 30 Sep. 1943.
- 'Recent Developments in Swedish Agricultural Education', n.d. [c.1946].
- 'Traditional Customs and Festivities in Rural England', 15 Feb. 1947
- 'Training in Rural Citizenship', n.d. [c.1946-1948]
- Letter to the Editor of an un-named publication, relating to Swedish People's Colleges, 27 Mar. 1947.
- 'Agricultural Education in Sweden', n.d.
- Article relating to Swedish Landrace pigs and a visit to farms in Sweden, Aug. 1956.
- 'C.E.T.A. - A French advisory system free from ties', submitted to Farmers' Weekly, 28 Sep. 1961.
- Newspaper cutting of an article 'Pond Pride' by Martin Stevenson, relating to village ponds, illustrated with a photograph of Philip Lyth working on clearing Toptown Pond in Westhorpe, Southwell. From unknown newspaper, n.d.
- Cutting from Nottinghamshire Countryside, n.d. [c.1975], of article 'Ossington Lake' by Alec Bloomfield (edited by Philip Lyth).
- 'Impressions of Italian Hill Farming' (3 versions), together with correspondence relating to its rejection by Farmers Weekly, Nov. 1974.
- Article relating to the County Durham YFC Federation in the 1940s, together with letter to Miss Diane Wade, 22 Jan. 1980.
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