Document ReferenceMS 823/1/9
TitleAlbum of slides containing views by Philip Lyth of archaeological remains, castles, churches, boundary and memorial stones (F, G, J, K, L, N); 1978-1992
Extent341 slides
Content DescriptionColour slides arranged by Philip Lyth into separate sections. The album includes index sheets describing the contents of each section. Each slide is also labelled and coded.

Section J1, A-D. Archaeology. Colour slides showing standing stones and archaeological remains at Yorkshire, Dartmoor, Trier in Germany, Cumbria, Ireland, Wales, Shropshire, Sussex. The only East Midlands photographs are of Linby Cross in Nottinghamshire, 1986 (J1,B,11-14). 1978-1989.

Section J3, A-C. Castles. Colour slides of castles and country houses at Northumberland, Germany, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Scotland, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Wales, Shropshire. 1979-1992.

Section J7. Heraldry. Colour slides of heraldic devices in buildings at Carsaig in Mull, Scotland, and Southwell and Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire. 1988-1989.

Section L11. Masada. Colour slides of visits to Masada in Israel, 1981-1982.

Section F8. Lynchets. Colour slides of lynchets in Abbotsbury, Wharfedale, Malham in Yorkshire, Aberdaron in Wales, and Westhorpe in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. 1978-1985.

Section L10. Abbeys. Two colour slides of Roche Abbey, South Yorkshire. 1991.

Section K1. Churches. Colour slides of churches in various places including Winkburn, Thrumpton, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Wysall and Calverton in Nottinghamshire, Thornton in Lincolnshire, and Tickencote in Rutland. 1978-1991.

Section N. Stones. Colour slides of standing stones in various places, Pembrokeshire crosses, and monumental stones and memorials in various places including Nottinghamshire. 1987-1991.

Section G. Boundary stones. Colour slides of parish boundary markers in Nottinghamshire and Roman milestones in Middleton, Cumbria. 1984-1989.

Only those slides relating to the East Midlands (64 slides, dated 1979-1992), have been described in separate records on the Manuscripts Online Catalogue.
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