Document ReferenceHn Te 1-6
TitlePapers relating to Glebe Land, Tithes and Ecclesiastical Matters
Content DescriptionThere are a large number of papers in the Holden archive which relate to the payment of tithes by the tenants on the Holden estate, particularly at Hawton but also Nuthall. Although correspondence on these matters can also be found elsewhere in the collection including amongst the estate correspondence at Hn Ec, most of the correspondence and papers concerning ecclesiastical matters have been grouped together to form one series. Within this series, the papers relating to Hawton tithes form the largest section. In addition to papers concerning the dispute with the Rector of Hawton, there are also papers relating to the Tithe Commutation. There are also some personal papers of Rev. Atkinson Alexander Holden, Rector of Hawton and papers relating to Rev. Robert Holden whilst Rector of Nuthall.
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