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TitleColeorton Parish Priests' Library
DateMid-17th century- 19th century
Extentc750 volumes
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Admin HistoryThis private library from Coleorton Rectory, Leicestershire, was the library of a parish priest, begun in the second half of the 17th century. The core of the collection appears to have been bequeathed to Coleorton Rectory in 1736 by the will of the Revd William Hunt, Rector of Thringstone. An extract from the will reads "Then I give all my books to the Rectory of Coleorton aforesaid for ever to be for the use and benefit of the Recotor there for the time being. And I do hereby desire that the present Rector Mr Lebon will take upon him to see the said books carefully placed in some convenient part of the parsonage house in Coleorton aforesaid that they may be for ever used and enjoyed by the Rector of Coleorton according to my intent and meaning". The collection remained in the Rectory at Coleorton until the late 1950s or 1960s, when the care of the library became burdensome to the incumbent and it was transferred to Church House in Leicester.
Custodial HistoryThe Library remained in the custody of the Diocese of Leicester at Church House for a few years, but a lack of space and poor storage conditions were causing deterioration in the condition of the books, and the Diocese sought alternative arrangements. An agreement was made in 1965 to transfer the books to the care of the County Library, and they were housed in Coalville Library where it was felt they would be close to their original location.
In 2006 the collection was transferred from the County Library to the University of Nottingham, and came into the keeping of Manuscripts & Special Collections. It remains on deposit from the Diocese of Leicester.
DescriptionThe collection forms an interesting example of a library of a well-to-do country clergyman of the period. The books are predominantly from the second half of the 17th century, and most are in their original bindings. It was a working library for clergy; most of the books are on theological subjects and include the church fathers, biblical commentaries, contemporary sermons, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, and theological controversy. Other subjects include mathematics, natural history, history, topography, classics and English literature.
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