Document ReferenceBn 133-134
TitleDeed between William Rawson, Joshua and Sarah Robinson, and Sarah Hall, for securing repayment of £400 plus interest on property in Beeston, Nottinghamshire; 28-29 Nov. 1769
Date26-27 January 1761
Extent2 items
Content DescriptionFirst Party: William Rawson, hosier of Nottingham.

Second Party: Joshua Robinson, framework knitter of Beeston, and his wife Sarah (daughter and heir of William Levis, deceased, one of the sons and a devisee named in the will of Thomas Levis, late of Nottingham, yeoman, deceased).

Third Party: Sarah Hall, of Caythorpe, Nottinghamshire, widow and sole executrix of the will of Thomas Hall, yeoman of Caythorpe, he being the executor of the will of Mary Levis of Beeston, spinster.

Lease for a year [Bn 133] and deed [Bn 134] citing indentures of 26-27 Jan. 1761 [Bn 121-122], 25 May 1765 [Bn 128], 28 Jan. 1767 [Bn 129]; states that the £400 mentioned in these indentures having been repaid with interestby (1) to (2) and a further £400 paid to (2) by (3) out of the personal estate and effects of Mary Levis, deceased.

Premises as Bn 121, to be held by (3) to her own use until the payment to her of £400 with interest by (2).

Covenant by (1) to levy to (2), and further agreement for (3) to bring a writ of entry against (2) either in this Hilary term or the next Easter or Trinity terms so that a Common Recovery may be executed; the premises then to be held by (3) until £200 with interest is paid to him by (1).

Consideration: £400.

Signatures: William Rawson, Joshua Robinson, Sarah Robinson.

Witnesses: Robert Evans, William Dy. Crofts.


Memorandum that (1) has received £400 with interest from (2) on 14 Nov. 1768.

Memorandum that (2) has received £400 from (3).

Memorandum that (3) has received £200 from Samuel Levis Robinson, son of (2) [both deceased] in part to discharge the sum of £400 mentioned in indenture dated 14 Aug. 1783.
Termfinancial affairs, mortgages, Beeston (Nottinghamshire)
Physical DescriptionSeals: 4 shellac seals: splayed eagle above nest and under sun

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA78189Robinson; Joshua (fl 1760-1769); yeoman and framework knitter of Beeston, Nottinghamshirefl 1760-1769
NA78147Levis; Thomas (-1726); yeoman of Beeston, Nottinghamshire; father of William, Thomas, Edward and Mary Levis; grandfather of Sarah Robinson-1726
NA78154Levis; William (- pre 1761); son of Thomas Levis of Beeston, Nottinghamshire; father of Sarah Robinson- pre 1761
NA78195Robinson; Sarah (fl 1761-1769); Mrs; née Levis; daughter and sole heir of William Levis of Beeston; married Joshua Robinsonfl 1761-1769
NA78197Rawson; William (fl 1761-1769); 'the elder'; hosier of Nottinghamfl 1761-1769
NA78200Robinson; Samuel Levis (fl 1763-1783); son of Joshua and Sarah Robinson; grandson of William Levis; great nephew of Mary Levisfl 1763-1783
NA78151Levis; Mary (fl 1726-1763); Miss; daughter of Thomas Levis of Beeston, Nottinghamshirefl 1726-1763
NA78216Hall; Sarah (fl 1769); Mrs; of Caythorpe Nottinghamshire; wife and executrix of the will of Thomas Hall, yeoman of Caythorpefl 1769
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