Document ReferenceBK 4
TitleCorrespondence and related papers sent to Charlotte Sophie, Countess Bentinck, principally concerning the Doorwerth estate; 1739-1799 and n.d.
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Content DescriptionSeven series of letters - from Charlotte Sophie's agents or lawyers David van Bijsterveldt, A.O.F. Bomblé Vatebender and Isaac Nijhoff, from an unidentified writer, probably her secretary Unger, and from F. Chion and G. Wentinck - date from the early 1780s and are very closely related together. They concern the legal case over the Doorwerth estate's disputed ownership, revenues and management. The case was brought by Charlotte Sophie against her daughter-in-law Mary, Countess Bentinck (née van Tuyll van Serooskerken), who had taken possession of the estate on behalf of her two sons. Replies to some of these letters can be found in series BK/5/4. The case was resolved in Charlotte Sophie's favour in 1781. Material relating to raising money on the estate can be found in series BK/3/4.

Another small bundle of letters is from Charles Henry Windt, Charlotte Sophie's agent, dating from the 1790s. Letters from Charlotte Sophie to Windt can be found in series BK/5/5-6.

The rest of the series is made up of miscellaneous correspondence, including copies of a few letters to Charlotte Sophie from her husband William Bentinck, at the time of their separation in 1739-1740.

The last five series contain letters from family and friends of Charlotte Sophie, including her grandson W.G.F. Bentinck, Count Rhoon.
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