Document ReferenceAN/PB 295/6/1-29
TitleChurchwarden presentment bills; Newark deanery, Easter 1616
Date18 April 1616-24 April 1620
Content DescriptionPresentment bills, with the exception of those noted below, all date from the Easter visitation on 18 April 1616.
The series also includes stray bills from Kilvington, Apr 1620 [AN/PB 295/6/21], Sutton-on-Trent, Aug 1618 [AN/PB 295/6/29], and a memorandum from Nottingham deanery, Easter 1616 [AN/PB 295/6/27].
For a stray presentment bill from East Stoke parish, May 1616, see AN/PB 294/2/309/1; for stray fragments of presentment bills from Thorpe and Barnby in the Willows parishes, probably Easter 1616, see AN/PB 295/8/2-3.
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