Document ReferenceAN/PB 295/2/59-116
TitleChurchwarden presentment bills; Newark deanery, Easter 1612 and later in 1612
DateApr 1612-Apr 1613
Content DescriptionPresentment bills are predominantly dated 27 April 1612, but the series includes occasional bills up to November 1612. The series also bills and memoranda relating to Sutton-in-Ashfield in Nottingham deanery, February 1613 [AN/PB 295/2/59], Flintham in Bingham deanery, 1612 [AN/PB 295/2/62] and West Markham in Retford deanery, April 1613 [AN/PB 295/2/99].
For a presentment bill from Balderton parish, probably Easter 1612, see AN/PB 295/4/99.
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