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Hay; Thomas (-1719); 7th Earl of Kinnoull; cr. Viscount of Dupplin 1697; succ. his cousin as Earl of Kinnoull 1709



Thomas; William (-1764); Steward of Robert Harley 1st Earl of Oxford since the 1690s and was a friend of Edward Harley, the earl’s son and successor. On 11 February 1720/1 (today’s 1721) he was appointed steward of the latter’s Marybone (sic) estate in London, which had passed to Edward, Lord Harley, upon his marriage on 31 August 1713 to the Lady Henrietta Cavendishe Holles, a well-connected heiress. William Thomas died aged 88 on 30 November 1764.



Stephens; Nathaniel (1623-); of Eshington