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Papers of the Bentinck family, Counts of the Holy Roman Empire, largely concerning their estate...

BK 3/1/3

7 January 1757

Printed document in German containing documents relating to a case between Count and Countess...

BK 3/1/9/1-3

19 April 1800-8 March 1824

Dutch, German and English copies of the will of Charlotte Sophie Bentinck, Countess Bentinck...

BK 3/2/2


Copy of declaration in Dutch by C. Alexander Vrints von Treuenfeld and Ferdinand Christroffel van...

BK 3/2/5

15 November 1774

Copy of proxy in Dutch, from Charlotte Sophie, Countess Bentinck, Hamburg, Germany, to A.O.F...

BK 3/2/7

6 July 1782

Survey and description in French of the cultivation, administration and state of repairs of land...

BK 3/2/12/1-4


Description, in French, of the State Rooms in Doorwerth Castle, with details of their furnishings...

BK 3/2/15


Copy of declaration by Frederick, Count Schimmelmann, and Clemens, Baron of Kurtzrock; May 1790

BK 3/2/20

1795 (c)

Copy declaration in Dutch by John William Moll, Doorwerth, Netherlands; n.d. [c.1795]

BK 3/3/1/2

18 December 1736

Letter in French from Anthony II von Aldenburg, Varel, to 'Sophie' [Charlotte Sophie, Countess...

BK 3/3/1/6

16 March 1779

Copy appointment of A.O.F. Bomblé Vatebender as judge of the Sovereignty of Doorwerth, in French...

BK 3/3/1/8/1-2

18 June 1783

Two drafts of appointment of Isaac Nijhoff as secretary of the Doorwerth estate, in Dutch, by...

BK 3/3/1/9

4 April 1784

Draft document in German, by Charlotte Sophie, Countess Bentinck, dated at Hamburg, concerning...

BK 3/3/1/10

8 May 1784

Copy of deed in German by Charlotte Sophie Bentinck, Hamburg, Germany; 8 May 1784

BK 3/3/1/11

10 June 1784

Draft appointment of John Conrad Henry Neuhauser as gamekeeper of the Sovereignty of Doorwerth...

BK 3/3/1/13

8 September 1784

Copy appointment of Charles Louis Goeritz as estate steward of Doorwerth, in Dutch, by Charlotte...

BK 3/3/1/14

25 February 1785

Draft document in German, dated at Hamburg, concerning steward 'Goeritz'; 25 Feb. 1785

BK 3/3/1/15

10 May 1785

Draft appointment of bailiffs in the Sovereignty of Doorwerth, in Dutch, by Charlotte Sophie...

BK 3/3/1/16

10 May 1785

Copy appointment of deputy aldermen for Doorwerth, in Dutch, by Charlotte Sophie Bentinck...

BK 3/3/1/17

22 January 1787

Copy appointment of John Conrad Henry Neuhauser as gamekeeper of the Sovereignty of Doorwerth, in...