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De H 42/10/6

6 July 1802

Letters from [C. Pierrepont], Viscount Newark, [later 1st Earl Manvers] and [C.H. Pierrepont...

Ey 94


Papers relating to claim of Samuel Crawley of Ragnall Hall, Nottinghamshire; 1793-1794

Ey 344-372


Miscellaneous Eyre family documents; 1742-1821

Ey 404

1 April 1807

Agreement by Anthony Eyre and others, owners of land in Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire, for an...

Ey 407-411


Deeds relating to Hollow Lane Close and tithes in Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire bought by...

Ey 412


Conveyance from Allen to Eyre of cottage and garden in Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire; 1827

Ey 415-422


Deeds relating to a close in Thrumpton, Nottinghamshire bought by A.H. Eyre from William Tootell...

Ey 423-424


Conveyance from Dickonson to Eyre of four allotments under the Ordsall Enclosure Act; 1802

Ey 425-438


Deeds relating to three closes and allotment of land in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire bought by A.H...

Ey 439-441


Conveyance from Rogers to Eyre of a parcel of new inclosed land in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire; 1813

Ey 442-449


Deeds relating to a parcel of new inclosed land in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire bought by A.H. Eyre...

Ey 450-459


Deeds relating to two closes called Scratta in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire bought by A.H. Eyre from...

Ey 460-476


Deeds relating to Dunham Gate Field allotment in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire bought by A.H. Eyre...

Ey 498


Conveyances from Donston to Eyre and Booth to Eyre of parcels of land in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire...

Ey 499-507


Deeds relating to Treswell Woods, Nottinghamshire bought by A. H. Eyre from J.A.S. Wortley; 1723...

Ma 6 A/2/40


Accounts for Thoresby Collection of estates for year ending Michaelmas 1827

Ne C 4767

30 January 1816

Letter from William Stirland, Ollerton, to 4th Duke of Newcastle; 30 Jan. 1816

Ne C 4775

27 October 1816

Letter from Lt. Col. Radcliffe, Lichfield, to Mr. Eyre; 27 Oct. 1816

Ne C 4777

20 October 1816

Letter from R.M. Crewe, Ordnance Office, to Mr. Eyre, Vice-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire; 20 Oct...

Ne C 4951

3 November 1816

Letter from A. H. Eyre, Grove, Nottinghamshire, to Henry, 4th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; 3 Nov...