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Bn 62-63

19-20 January 1705

Lease and release from Mary and Elizabeth Charlton to William Drury of property at Beeston...

Bn 64-65

27-28 February 1706

Lease and release from George West to William Drury of lands at Beeston, Nottinghamshire; 27-28...

Bn 88

15 Sep 1717

Lease for a year from William Drury to James Haynes and John Bright of property in Chilwell...

Bn 89

15 Sep 1717

Marriage settlement of William Drury and Anne Lowe; 13 Jun. 1717

Bn 130

2 May 1769

Lease for a year from William Drury to Francis Gregg of property in Beeston and Chilwell...

Bn 131

3 May 1769

Deed for making a tenant to the praecipe for a common recovery of lands in Beeston and Chilwell...