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Pw V 376


MS poem, entitled 'Tassos Ierusalem Book 4', by Elizabeth Rowe (née Singer); n.d.

Pw V 379


MS verse, entitled 'A Description of the Enchanted Palace & Garden of Armida', by Elizabeth Rowe...

Pw V 380


MS verse, entitled 'The Story of Erminia Translated from Tasso', by Elizabeth Rowe (née Singer...

Pw V 382


MS poem, entitled 'The Inchanted forrest out of Tasso', by Elizabeth Rowe (née Singer); n.d.

Pw V 383


MS poem, entitled 'The Story of Olinda & Sophronia English'd From Tasso's Ierusalem Book 2d', by...

Pw V 1566


MS copy of stanzas from Tasso, Gerusalemme Liberata, Book 14; n.d.