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Pw V 232

30 March 1737

MS poem, entitled 'Thomae de Novo-Castello Duci', by Dr Robert Freind on his installation as...

Pw V 233


MS poem, entitled 'Ad Thomam Ducem de Newcastle', by Dr Robert Freind; n.d.

Pw V 234


MS poem in Latin, untitled, by Dr Robert Freind on Mr [Philip] Carteret's monument in Westminster...

Pw V 334

August 1710

MS epitaph, untitled, for John Phillips (d.1709), not ascribed, probably by Robert Freind; August...

Pw V 335

1710 (c.)

MS poem, untitled, epitaph of John Phillips (d.1709), not ascribed, probably by Robert Freind; 1710

Pw V 807/2


MS poem entitled 'Verses upon Doctor Freind's leaving the school spoken by Ld Quarendon in the...

Pw V 1021


MS copy of epitaph on Dr Robert Freind

Pw V 1091


MS poem entitled 'To Dr. Friend'

Pw V 1323/17


MS verse, being Westminster School election epigram on the theme 'Pransi parati'; n.d.[1721]

Pw V 1332/13 (f 2r)


MS verse in English, being Westminster School Founder's Anniversary Dinner epigram; n.d.[1727/33]

Pw V 1490


MS prose, being Latin epitaph for Dr Busby of Westminster School (d 1695) by Robert Freind; n.d.