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Pl F7/9/2

9 July 1749

Lease of lands in Tallow, County Waterford; 9 July 1749

Pl F7/9/3

1812 (c)

Schedule of deeds (1750-1812) relating to mortgage of an estate at Middleton, East Riding of...

Pw V 550/1


MS verse, unattributed prologue for Terence's Adelphoe, performed at Westminster School (1724...

Pw V 693


MS verse, being poem entitled 'Not<e> on Ch_sw_ck' addressed to the 3rd Earl of Burlington, and...

Pw V 1060

1731 (c)

MS poem, headed by building inscription, for Richard [Boyle], Earl of Burlington's Assembly Rooms...

Pw2 V 192

1736 (c)

MS verse, being unattributed poem entitled 'To Mr Kent' [William Kent d 1748] and two poems about...