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Ne 6 D 2/39/1

23 February 1692

Lease [wanting] and release from Thomas Hewett to Sir Edward Bettenson and John Hill of the manor...

Ne 6 D 2/39/2

10 February 1725

Office copy of the will of Sir Thomas Hewett of Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire; 10 Feb. 1725

Ne 6 D 2/39/3

1 November 1787

Bargain and sale [enrolled] from John Norris Hewett and Rev. John Hewett to Nathaniel Austen...

Pl C 1/503

11 April 1726

Letter from Isaac Hobart, Welbeck, to Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford, Dover Street, London; 11...

Pl C 1/504

18 April 1726

Letter from William Wenman, Edwinstowe [to Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford]; 18 Apr. 1726

Pl C 1/805

June 1724-June 1736

Letter from William Wenman, Edwinstowe, to Mr [John] Cossen; Jun. n.y. [1724-1736]

Pl E12/6/8/2/5

25 March 1719

Surrender of lands in the manor of Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, in trust for Thomas Hewitt and his...

Pl E12/6/8/2/6

11 October 1788

Admittance of Rev. John Hewett to lands in the manor of Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, and surrender...

Pl E12/6/8/2/7

4 April 1791

Record of proceedings in the manor court of Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, relating to lands...

Pw V 1341


MS copy of the foundation inscription of a church [St Martin in the Fields, London] (19 March...