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Pl C 1/176

3 July 1723

Letter from William Wenman, Edwinstow[e], Nottinghamshire to [E. Harley] Lord Harley [later 2nd...

Pl C 1/197

6 April 1728

Letter from William Wenman, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire to [E. Harley] 2nd Earl of Oxford, Dover...

Pw V 420


MS poem, entitled 'To Mr. Bennet & his Lady vpon their arrivall att Mansfield Woodhouse Octo<b>er...

Pw V 421


MS poem, entitled 'Pastoral Upon my L<or>d Danbys Birth=day - Nov<emb>er: 6th: ', by William...

Pw V 422

14 November 1718

Letter from William Tunstall to Abigail Harley, Lady Dupplin, 14th November, [1718].

Pw V 1634 (Pw V 422)


Quotations from the Harley manuscripts at Welbeck relating to the poet William Tunstall (d 1728...