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Pl C 1/15

7 November 1713

Letter from William Wenman to [E. Harley] Lord Harley [later 2nd Earl of Oxford]; 7 Nov. 1713

Pw A 1188/1-2

14 February 1708

Letter from John, Lord Somers to William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland; 14 Feb. 1708

Pw V 44/104 (pp 439-44)

Dec 1704 (c)

MS poem, entitled 'The Consolidators OR The French King's Cordiall', by John Tutchin; 1704

Pw V 334

August 1710

MS epitaph, untitled, for John Phillips (d.1709), not ascribed, probably by Robert Freind; August...

Pw V 335

1710 (c.)

MS poem, untitled, epitaph of John Phillips (d.1709), not ascribed, probably by Robert Freind; 1710

Pw V 645

n.d. [1705]

MS poem, untitled, imitation of Martial by Sir John Walters; n.d. [1705]

Pw V 1209


MS poem, entitled 'A New Ballade to ye old Tew of we have raised an Army of lusty young fellows...

Pw V 1220


MS poem, entitled 'An Epistle to L<o>rd G___d', not ascribed; n.d.

Pw V 1225

1710 (c)

MS poem, entitled 'The new Scheme', not ascribed; n.d.

Pw V 1253


MS poem, entitled 'The Heroe's a New Ballad', not ascribed; n.d.

Pw V 1257

1708 (c)

MS poem, entitled 'Abigalls Lamentation for the Loss of Harley', by William Walsh; n.d. but circa...

Pw V 1376


MS prose, unattributed, on [Simon Viscount] Harcourt; n.d.

Pw2 Hy 821

11 January 1705-26 January 1705

Copies of reports on the case of Mr William Cooke; 11-26 Jan. 1704/5

Pw2 Hy 1011

30 September 1713

Letter from Sterline, Enfield Green, to [Robert Harley] 1st Earl of Oxford; 30 Sep. 1713