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Pl C 1/8

29 September 1713

Letter from William Wenman, London; 29 Sept. 1713. Imperfect

Pw V 47/23 (ff 39r-39v)


MS poem, entitled 'Song', by George Granville; n.d.

Pw V 246


Autograph MS speech, entitled 'Uganda's speech, design'd to conclude the British Enchanters', by...

Pw V 271

23 April 1711

MS poem, untitled, by Bevil Higgons; 23 Apr. 1711

Pw V 1020


MS poem entitled 'By Mr Dryden in the Mycellanyes'

Pw V 1066/40 (ff 17v-16v) rev


MS poem, entitled 'Mr Granvil upon Seeing my Lady Hyde's picture', probably by George Granville...

Pw V 1066/44 (ff 4v-3v) rev


MS poem, untitled, by George Granville, 1st Baron Lansdowne, 1667-1735; n.d.

Pw V 1216


MS poem, entitled 'The 26 Church Butteresses', not ascribed; n.d.

Pw2 Hy 902

1 April 1712

Letter from James Bourke, to [Robert Harley] 1st Earl of Oxford; 1 Apr. 1712

Pw2 Hy 1432

6 May 1712

Copy of letter from [Robert Harley] 1st Earl of Oxford, to [John Murray] 1st Duke of Athol; 6 May...

Pw2 Hy 1509

23 November 1714 (c)

Letter from Richard Pye, Tamworth, Staffordshire, to Nicolas Lechmere [later 1st Baron Lechmere...