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Ne A 90

23 May 1640

Memorandum by James Gunthorpe to the constables of various Nottinghamshire parishes, concerning...

Ne A 522


Petition by [John Holles, 2nd] Earl of Clare to the [House of] Lords and the Privy Council...

Pw2 Hy 131/1-2

24 October 1660

Two copies of an order from the Privy Council to T. Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton and Lord...

Pw2 Hy 181

1689 (c)

Copy of an accusation [apparently by Captain Stephen Appleby?] against William Borotell [to the...

Pw2 Hy 407

15 January 1691

Copy of letter from the Privy Council to [Charles Gerard] 1st Earl of Macclesfield; 15 Jan. 1690/1

Pw2 Hy 809

2 July 1706

Draft of letter from Robert Harley [later 1st Earl of Oxford], Whitehall, London, to the Privy...