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Ne C 2034/2

March 1752 (c)

Notes providing historical facts; n.d. [Mar. 1752]

Ne C 2034/3

March 1752 (c)

Case of Captain Charles Erskine, sent by James Erskine to Hon. Thomas Townshend; n.d. [Mar. 1752]

Pw2 Hy 927

28 January 1714

Letter from [John Elphinstone] Lord [4th Baron] Balmerinoch, to [John Erskine] 22nd Earl of Mar...

Pw2 Hy 1011

30 September 1713

Letter from Sterline, Enfield Green, to [Robert Harley] 1st Earl of Oxford; 30 Sep. 1713

Pw2 Hy 1425

20 January 1720

Copy of letter from [John Erskine] 22nd Earl of Mar, Geneva, Switzerland, to James Stuart, 'The...

Pw2 Hy 1433

7 August 1714

Copy of letter from Alastair Macdonell [later titular Baron MacDonell, to General Maitland; 7 Aug...