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Ne 6 D 2/36/6

1760 (c)

Copy assignment from Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne to Lady Catherine...

Ne 6 D 2/36/9


Abstract of title of John Holles, 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne, Lady Catherine Pelham and...

Ne C 191

1743 (c)

Letter from James West to Henry Pelham; c.1743

Ne C 508

20 February 1750

Letter from D. Ryder to J. West; 20 Feb. 1750

Ne C 1596/2

8 January 1753

Letter from James West, Lincoln's Inn Fields [London], to Henry Pelham; 8 Jan. 1753

Ne C 2041

26 September 1751

Letter from Corbyn Morris, Edinburgh [Scotland], to James West; 26 Sep. 1751

Ne C 2062/6

24 October 1750

Letter from William Temple, Berwick, Scotland, to James West; 24 Oct. 1750

Ne C 2068

14 April 1752

Letter from C. Morris, Edinburgh, Scotland, to H. Pelham; 14 Apr. 1752

Ne C 2071

25 June 1752

Letter from J. Corthine, Port Glasgow, Scotland, to Mr West [?]; 25 June 1752

Ne C 2137

19 May 1752

Letter from M. Cardonnel, J. Tuder and C. Campbell [Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland...

Ne C 2148

1752 (c)

Letter from Corbyn Morris to James West; n.d. [c.1752]

Ne C 2174

14 October 1752

Copy of letter from J. West, Treasury Chambers, London, to the Commissioners of the Excise in...

Ne C 2176

31 October 1752

Letter from the Commissioners of the Excise, Excise Office, Scotland, to J. West; 31 Oct. 1752

Ne C 3522

24 July 1769

Letter from J. West, Alscott Park, Gloucestershire, to H.F.C. Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of...

Ne C 3542

1 May 1762 (c)

Letter from J. Mostyn to H.F. Clinton, 9th Earl of Lincoln [later 2nd Duke of Newcastle under...

Ne C 3688/1-2

8 July1762

Letter from T. Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, Claremont, Surrey, to H.F...

Ne C 4270

1761 (c)

Abstract of agreements; n.d. [c.1761]

Ne C 4275

6 February 1758

Letter from J. West to Mr Chambers; 6 Feb. 1758

Ne L 780

1 June 1754

Copy of a letter from J[ames] West, Treasury Chambers [London] to William Murray [later 1st Earl...

Ne L 800

March 1760 (c)

Printed case in the suit of Lady Catherine Pelham and James West against Susanna Gregory and...