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Ne D 462

20 October 1687

Mortgage by demise from Henry Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne to Richard Mason and others...

Pl E12/4/2/7

31 March 1687

Copy will (31 Mar. 1687) of William 4th Earl of Kingston upon Hull, proved 25 Sep. 1690; c.1827

Pl F3/1/5

13 October 1666

Settlement by the 1st Duke of Newcastle of his estates; 13 Oct. 1666

Pl F3/1/15

1693 (c)

Case and opinion of counsel in Thanet v Newcastle et al.; n.d. [c.1693]

Pw 1


Papers of the Cavendish Family, 1563-1707, in the Portland (Welbeck) Collection

Pw 1/12

20 June 1667

Letter from Mark Anthony Benoist, London, addressed to the Earl of Ogle, Glentworth, Lincoln, on...

Pw 1/12-24

1667-1673 and 1939

Correspondence from Mark Anthony Benoist to William Cavendish, Henry Cavendish and Frances Cavendish

Pw 1/15

6 October 1668

Letter from Mark Anthony Benoist, London to [Frances, Countess of Ogle, later Duchess of...

Pw 1/27-31


Correspondence from Dr. Matthew Boucheret to Henry Cavendish, Earl of Ogle, Frances Cavendish...

Pw 1/30

30 April 1666

Letter from Matthew Boucheret, London to Lady Frances [Cavendish], Countess of Ogle, [later...

Pw 1/34-36

Undated [1674]

Correspondence from Lady Katherine Boyle to Henry and Frances Cavendish, [Earl and Countess of...

Pw 1/35

7 May [c.1674]

Letter from [Lady] K[atherine] Boyle, Pettworth to [Frances Cavendish], Countess of Ogle, [later...

Pw 1/36

27 October [c.1674]

Letter from [Lady] K[atherine] Boyle to [Frances Cavendish], Countess of Ogle, [later Duchess of...

Pw 1/37

10 February [1665-1676]

Letter from [Margaret Boyle], Lady Orrery, to [Frances Cavendish], Countess of Ogle, [later...

Pw 1/68

5 July 1675

Letter from E[lizabeth Monck, Duchess of] Albemarle to her mother [Frances Cavendish] the...

Pw 1/70

23 November 1667

Letter from [Henry Cavendish], Earl of Ogle, Glentworth to his wife [Frances Cavendish, Countess...

Pw 1/74


Copy letter from [Henry and Frances Cavendish, Earl and Countess of Ogle to William Cavendish...

Pw 1/90

2 July 1668

Letter from Lady J[ane] Cheyne, Chellsey, to her sister[-in-law Frances Cavendish, Countess of...

Pw 1/139

25 September 1667

Letter from Alice Haggerston to [Frances Cavendish], Countess of Ogle; 25 Sep. 1667

Pw 1/143

4 November 1675

Letter from [Gilbert Holles], 3rd Earl of Clare, Madrid to his sister[-in-law, Frances Cavendish...