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Ne C 15284

26 March 1744

Printed microfilm copy of a letter from Alexander Pope [to Mr Bethel]; 26 Mar. 1744

Ne C 15284a


Printed microfilm copy of a print of an engraving of a portrait of Alexander Pope; 1740

Pw V

16th century-20th century

Literary Manuscripts in the Portland (Welbeck) Collection, 16th-19th centuries

Pw V 119


MS score book containing choruses from the play entitled 'Marcus Brutus', written by Alexander...

Pw V 119/1 (ff 1r-18r)


MS chorus with music, entitled 'Chorus of Athenians' written by Alexander Pope and John Sheffield...

Pw V 119/2 (ff 1r-18r)


MS chorus with music, entitled 'Chorus of Youths and Virgins' written by Alexander Pope and John...

Pw V 185

1 January 1734

MS poem, entitled 'TENTAMEN de HOMINE', by Dr Sneyd Davies, being a translation of Pope's Essay...

Pw V 276/2


MS poem, entitled 'Lines said to be written by Mr Pope upon reading the foregoing verses', by...

Pw V 286


MS poem, entitled 'To Mr. Pope', by David Lewis; n.d.

Pw V 315/1


MS inscribed 'Verses upon Mrs Howard Dresser to the princess said to be wrote by the Earl of...

Pw V 340

1725 post

MS poem, entitled 'In Memory of Mrs Elisabeth Corbett', by Alexander Pope; n.d. [post 1725]

Pw V 341

1729 (c)

MS poem, entitled 'Epitaph on the Momument of the Hon<oura>ble Robert Digby', by Alexander Pope...

Pw V 342


MS poem, entitled 'On Mr Gay', by Alexander Pope; n.d [post 1732].

Pw V 343

(1716 post)

MS poem, untitled ['To Mr John Moore'], by Alexander Pope; n.d. [post 1716]

Pw V 344


MS poem, entitled 'A Short History of Am- Ph-s', by Alexander Pope; n.d.

Pw V 345

(1714 post)

MS poem, entitled 'Farewell to London 1714', by Alexander Pope; n.d. [post 1714]

Pw V 346


MS poem entitled 'Glumdalcliths Lamentation a Pastoral'; n.d.

Pw V 347


English MS poem, entitled 'Quod Te Roma legit, Rumpitur Invidia' [Character of Atticus], by...

Pw V 348


MS poem, entitled 'Verses Occasion'd by Mr Thomas D'Urfey's adding a Flourish at the End of His...

Pw V 349


MS poem, entitled 'Bounce and Fopp', attributed to Alexander Pope; n.d. [1726-1736]