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Pw V

16th century-20th century

Literary Manuscripts in the Portland (Welbeck) Collection, 16th-19th centuries

Pw V 238


Autograph MS poem, entitled 'The Squabble. A PASTORAL', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw V 239


MS poem, entitled 'The Despairing Damsell, A PASTORAL', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw V 240


MS poem, entitled 'Song', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw V 241


MS poem, entitled 'Newgate's Garland', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw V 244


MS poem, entitled 'Ballade', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw V 276/2


MS poem, entitled 'Lines said to be written by Mr Pope upon reading the foregoing verses', by...

Pw V 315


Leaf taken from a book containing two poems, the second incomplete, by the 3rd Earl of...

Pw V 315/2


MS extract entitled 'The Monkeys' by Dr Arbuthnot; n.d.

Pw V 342


MS poem, entitled 'On Mr Gay', by Alexander Pope; n.d [post 1732].

Pw V 351

(1718 post)

MS poem, entitled 'A Strange and Wonderfull Relation...', attributed to John Gay; n.d. [post 1718]

Pw V 352


Photographic copy of verses from unidentified MS poem, [A Strange and Wonderful Relation...' by...

Pw V 465/3


MS poem, entitled 'To Johnny Gay', by Samuel Wesley, the younger; n.d.

Pw V 1148


MS poem in English, entitled 'Usq<ue> adeo nihil est quod nostra Infantia caelum Hausit Aventini...

Pw2 V 7


MS collection of poems and songs by anon., John Oldham, Sir Roger L'Estrange, George Stepney and...

Pw2 V 7/53 (ff 78v-79r)


MS poem, entitled 'A Song', by John Gay; n.d.

Pw2 V 113


MS verse, being a ballad entitled 'Harry Suffolk's true Case' composed as a song for Gay's Beggar...