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Pw V

16th century-20th century

Literary Manuscripts in the Portland (Welbeck) Collection, 16th-19th centuries

Pw V 40/91 (ff 126r-128r)


MS poem, entitled 'On a Giniper Tree now cut down to make Busks', by Aphra Behn; n.d.

Pw V 40/92 (ff 128r-129v)


MS poem, entitled 'On the Death of Mr Greenhill The famous Painter', by Aphra Behn; n.d.

Pw V 42/37 (pp 241-52)


MS poem, entitled 'A Pindarick', by Aphra Behn; n.d.

Pw V 43/24 (pp 113-16)


MS poem, entitled 'The Female Lawreat', by Aphra Behn; n.d.

Pw V 159


MS poem, entitled 'Desire, A Pindaric' by Aphra Behn; n.d.

Pw V 856


MS group of poems by various authors including Henry Hall, Aphra Behn, Sir Charles Hedges and...

Pw V 856/3 (f 2v)


MS poem, entitled 'Upon Being reduced to sleep by the playing of three Flutes in ye room under my...

Pw V 1066/35 (ff 31v-26v) rev


MS poem, entitled 'Upon Desire', not ascribed but by Aphra Behn, 1640-1689; n.d.

Pw2 V 128


MS 'Epilogue to Mrs. Behn's Play call'd the Lucky Chance etc.'; n.d.