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De Wm C 84

7 May 1905 (c)

Letter from W.F.E. Denison, Wellington Club, Grosvenor Place, London, to his mother Lady E...

Ne C 3169/1-3

16 June 1755

Letter from T. Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, Claremont, Surrey, to H.F...

Ne C 8820

11 March 1842

Letter from Sir J. W. Lubbock, Royal Society, London, to [Henry Pelham-Clinton] Earl of Lincoln...

Ne C 8821/1

22 March 1842

Letter from N.J. Dale Buke, Museum of Economic Geology [London], to [Henry Pelham-Clinton] Earl...

Ne C 8821/2

22 March 1842

Memorandum by Sir Charles Wheatstone; 22 Mar. 1842

Ne C 8822

28 March 1842

Letter from the British Association for the Advancement of Science, London, to [Henry Pelham...

Ne C 8823

26 May 1842

Copy of letter from [Henry Pelham-Clinton] Earl of Lincoln [later 2nd Duke of Newcastle under...

Ne C 8824

27 May 1842

Letter from Francis Egerton 1st Earl of Ellesmere, 18 Belgrave Square, London, to [Henry Pelham...

Ne C 12074/1-2

27 April 1845

Letter from [Henry P.F. Pelham-Clinton] Earl of Lincoln [later 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne...

Os C 205

23 December 1853

Letter from Sir J. Paxton, Penge Place, Sydenham, London, to J.E. Denison; 23 Dec. 1853

Pl C 52/8

1 July 1801

Letter from Sir Joseph Banks, Soho Square, London to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; 1...



Papers of the Thoroton and Hildyard families of Screveton and Flintham, Nottinghamshire; 1478-2005



Title deeds relating to the Kew estate, Surrey, later owned by the Levett and Blackborne families...


11 March 1478

Feoffment of land in East Sheen and Kew, Surrey, from Sir Thomas Urswick and John Bronn to John...


13 May 1562

Bargain and sale of a mansion and other property in Kew, Surrey, from Sir Robert Dudley [later...


13 February 1576

Exemplification of a common recovery of property in East Sheen, Richmond, Kew and Kingston-on...


18 May 1576

Bargain and sale (enrolled) of messuages, cottages and land in Kew, Surrey, from Thomas Hanford...


2 Jun. 1576

Bargain and sale (enrolled) of a capital messuage in Kew, Surrey, from Thomas Hanford and Kenerd...


30 April 1590

Assignment of lease of a capital messuage in Kew and three messuages in Richmond, Surrey, from...


1 June 1590

Mortgage of a capital messuage in Kew and three messuages in Richmond, Surrey, from Anthony Mason...