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Bn 158/12

24 December 1804-12 December 1806

Probate copy of the Will of Cornelius Launder of Nottingham dated 24 Nov. 1804, and codicil dated...



Draft settlement of the estates of Patricius Chaworth, 3rd Viscount Chaworth; n.d. [c.1682-1684]

De A 31/2

18 December 1784

Attested copy of release of lands in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and...

De C 5/8

Feb 1742

Final concord concerning lands in Moorhouse, Southwell, North Muskham and Bathley...

De C 18/1

6 April 1841

Assignment of leasehold term of lands in Moorhouse, Nottinghamshire, held under Chapter of...

De C 18/2

21 April 1853

Deed of enfranchisement of lands in Moorhouse, Nottinghamshire, held under Chapter of Southwell...

De C 18/4


Abstract of title of Ecclesiastical Commissioners of England to lands in Moorhouse...

DL 74


Draft list of bills payable at Newark, Ossington, Carlton on Trent, Sutton-on-Trent, Tuxford and...

La Z 8/1/1/30-32

20th century

Postcards and cutting illustrated with photographs of Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire; n.d.

MS 90


Admittance to copyhold of manor of Southwell. Edward Carrington (messuages, cottages, lands, etc...

MS 823


Slides, lecture notes and research papers of Philip Lyth, local and agricultural historian; 1939...

Ne A 248-Ne A 266


Bundle of receiver's accounts of William Mason for the Nottinghamshire estates of [Henry F.C...

Ne A 256


Account of William Mason with [Henry F.C. Pelham-Clinton 2nd] Duke of Newcastle [under Lyne...

Ne A 286


Small bundle of vouchers confirming receipt of payment for [Henry F. Pelham-Clinton 10th?] Earl...

Ne C 2849

21 December 1776

Letter from Lord F. North, Bushy Park, Middlesex, to H.F.C. Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle...

Ne C 6008

27 November 1795

Letter from John Deakin, Basford, Nottinghamshire, to J.G. Knight; 27 Nov. 1795

Ne C 6017

12 October 1797

Letter from John Deakin, Bagthorpe Farm, Nottinghamshire, to J.G. Knight; 12 Oct. 1797

Ne C 7686/1-2

26 May 1834

Letter from John Parkinson, Leyfields, near Newark, Nottinghamshire, to Henry Pelham-Clinton, 4th...

Ne D 1994

10 July 1728

Attested copy of a lease and release of property in Nottinghamshire, being a settlement made...

Ne D 1995


Attested copy of a final concord of the manors of Thorpe and Hawksworth, and of messuages and...