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De A 38/14

9 March 1799

Attested copy of the will of William Downing of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, dated 29 Jan. 1788; 9...

De C 2/16

2 January 1738

Copy of will of William Sneath of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; 2 Jan. 1738

De H 42/9/8

1801 (c)

Letter with copies of circular letter and address from C.H. Pierrepont, [later 2nd Earl Manvers...

For L 3/2/8

9 March 1977-14 May 1980

Items relating to performances of 'The first edition of D.H. Lawrence - The Long Adolescence' by...

For L 3/2/20

11 September 1985-13 September 1985

Programme for a one-man show by Roy Spencer, entitled 'Marriage and War', at Greasley Parish Hall...

Mi D 736/1

20 April 1360

Letter of attorney, John Zele to Richard Manston. Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Mi D 737

1 November 1520

Surrender and admittance, Cecily Flogan to the Lord of the Manor, to the use of Edward Willoughby...

Mi D 738

24 October 1520

Grant, Cicely Flogan to Edward Willoughby. Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Mi D 739

24 October 1520

Bargain and sale, Cecily Flogan to Edward Willoughby. Location: Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Mi D 740

14 July 1521

Arbitration award between Cuthbert Langton and Christopher Fitzrandolph. Location: Huthwaite in...

Mi D 741

15 May 1522

Letter of attorney, Cuthbert Langton to Oliver Gollande. Location: Huthwaite in the manor of...

MS 30/3


Waterloo Subscription: Resolutions for raising the same at Mansfield; 1815

MS 30/4


Address to the Electors of the North Division of the County of Nottingham; 1832

MS 333


Records of the Kniveton family of Osmaston, Derbyshire, 1569-1746, the Rev. Edmund Meynott of...

MS 484/62


Nottinghamshire Woodland Census: Research notes, maps and survey results; 1980s

MS 484/62/5


Maps and notes for Mansfield survey; 1980s

MS 506


Minute book of classes run by the Mansfield and District branch of the National Council of Labour...

MS 627/1/2/117

c 1962

Photograph of the hosiery factory of Quertex Ltd., Sutton Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; c.1962

MS 627/2/2

c 1959-1962

Stanton Mill, Mansfield; c.1962

MS 627/2/3

c 1959-1962

Stanton Mill, Mansfield; c.1962