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For L 3/2/25

6 November 1985-16 November 1985

Items relating to a production of a play by Olwen Wymark, entitled 'Lessons and Lovers', at York...

MS 162


Papers of John Derry (1792-1869) of Leicester, bookseller, and his immediate family, 1756, and...

N Mc 3/140

2 March 1888

Incomplete letter from Priscilla McLaren, Newington House, to her son Charles Benjamin McLaren; 2...

Ne C 183/2

19 November 1746

Anonymous note concerning parliamentary election in York; 19 Nov. 1746

Ne C 2776

11 March 1775

Letter from H. Bathurst, 2nd Baron Bathurst, to H.F.C. Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle...

Ne C 2966

18 March 1768

Letter from J. Offley to H.F. Clinton, 9th Earl of Lincoln [later 2nd Duke of Newcastle under...

Ne L 493

23 November 1665

Answer of William Turner to the information provided by Sir John Heath, at the relation of...

Ne L 493-500


Bundle of legal papers relating to the cause of the Attorney General of the Duchy of Lancaster by...

Ne L 494

November 1665 (c)

Replication of Sir John Heath, at the relation of Francis Calvert, to the answers given by...

Ne L 498

24 April 1661

Note from James Brook, mayor, to the measurers at the staith [in York] concerning the payment of...

Ne L 499

4 December 1666

Warrant from Charles II to Martin Headley, Henry Tompson, Christopher Topham and Nicholas...

Ne L 500

14 January 1667

Order to free Francis Calvert of the payment of tolls for the passage of goods through the City...

Os C 1537

15 December 1870

Letter from [W. Thomson], Archbishop of York, Bishopthorpe Palace, Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire, to J...

Pl C 37/27

14 August 1748

Letter in French from P. Grandey, Scarborough, Yorkshire to John Achard; 14 Aug. 1748

Pl C 37/53

11 July 1753

Letter from P. Grandey, Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire to John Achard, Bulstrode, Buckinghamshire; 11...

Pl C 38/37

19 May 1719

Letter from Thomas Flesher to Mr [John] Lucas junior, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London; 19...

Pl C 38/39

16 August 1719

Letter from Thomas Flesher, Knaresborough, to Mr [John] Lucas junior, Wine Office Court, Fleet...

Pl C 38/44

5 February 1720

Letter from [Thomas Vickerman], Thwing, to [Henry Bentinck, 1st] Duke of Portland at his house in...

Pl C 42/2

15 August 1757

Letter from Thomas Benson, Carlisle, Cumberland; 15 Aug. 1757

Pl C 54/27

23 June 1802

Letter from Thomas Milne, Duries Lawn, Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland to [W.H.C. Cavendish...