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Mi A-X

12th century-20th century

Family and Estate Papers of the Willoughby Family of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire, Middleton...

Ne C 241

10 November 1744

Letter from John Masters, London, to Dr Lee Dicker; 10 Nov. 1744

Ne C 243/1-3

24 November 1744

Letter from Michael Lee Dicker, Exon [Exeter], to Henry Pelham; 24 Nov. 1744

Ne C 2833

20 November 1774

Letter from H. Liddell, 1st Baron Ravensworth, Ravensworth Castle, Durham, to H.F.C. Pelham...

Ne C 3799

May 1761 (c)

Letter from T. Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, Newcastle House, London, to H.F...

Ne C 4174

8 October 1762

Advices, Hague; 8 Oct. 1762

Pl C 35

6 February 1778

Evidence before the Committee on the State of the Nation taken on Friday 6 February 1778

Pl C 56/8

February 1802

List of business for the Privy Council; Feb. [1802]

Pw F 1345

15 April 1765

Letter from John Bindley, Southampton Street, London, to [W.H.C. Cavendish-Bentinck] 3rd Duke of...